[Hero Wars Guide]Tier List 2021(on PvP)

Ver. 2021.12.13. Mainly evaluated by the number of times it is used in a certain player base

S-Tier : Heroes who is most active in many versus battles

[Hero Wars]Aurora[Hero Wars]Corvus[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Celeste[Hero Wars]Issac[Hero Wars]Sebastian[Hero Wars]Dorian[Hero Wars]Martha

A-Tier : Heroes who is active in many interpersonal battles

[Hero Wars]Karkh[Hero Wars]Andvari[Hero Wars]Yasmine[Hero Wars]Dante[Hero Wars]Nebula[Hero Wars]Heidi[Hero Wars]Iris[Hero Wars]Lian[Hero Wars]Jet

B-Tier : Heroes who is expected to do well

[Hero Wars]Luther[Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Astaroth[Hero Wars]Galahad[Hero Wars]Tristan[Hero Wars]Elmir[Hero Wars]Lilith[Hero Wars]QingMao[Hero Wars]Maya[Hero Wars]Krista[Hero Wars]Keira[Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Orion[Hero Wars]Lars[Hero Wars]Phobos[Hero Wars]Peppy

C-Tier : heroes who selects his battle scenes

[Hero Wars]Chabba[Hero Wars]Cleaver[Hero Wars]Ziri[Hero Wars]Ishmael[Hero Wars]Markus[Hero Wars]Satori[Hero Wars]Alvanor[Hero Wars]Morrigan[Hero Wars]Kai[Hero Wars]Jhu[Hero Wars]Mojo[Hero Wars]Jinger[Hero Wars]Daredevil[Hero Wars]Dark Star[Hero Wars]Astrid[Hero Wars]Cornelius[Hero Wars]Faceless[Hero Wars]Fox[Hero Wars]Artemis[Hero Wars]Thea[Hero Wars]Helios

D-Tier : Hero who selects his battle scenes carefully

[Hero Wars]Judge

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