[Hero Wars]Strongest Hero,Strongest Team

[Hero Wars]Strongest Hero

The subject of Hero Wars’ strongest

Hero Wars is a game where there is no Almighty super hero.
However, it is also true that its occasional updates make it superior or inferior.
So let’s look back at 2021 and try to sort out what made it “strong” for most players.
I will try to explain it in three plus a bonus story.
You want to know the strongest. I hope this will be of some help to you.
Keep in mind that this is the realization of many people and not a fact.

Heroes closest to the strongest

  • Many players have asked me who is the strongest hero. When asked, “Who’s the strongest hero?” the one they named was Aurora.
    (It’s not the players who actually use Aurora, but the players who play against her).
  • Aurora seems to be the most popular tank over the past year
    (I’ve seen her in arena defense teams on several servers).
  • It has three strong personalities: evasion shield, continuous magic, and 85% magic disable barrier.
  • They are difficult to defeat with physical and magical attacks. For this reason, it is perceived as a strong entity!
  • Naturally, their strategies have been thoroughly researched, and they can be defeated like any other hero.

The strongest team

  • Hero Wars has not found a team that can be called the strongest.
  • Once you have a certain number of heroes, you can beat most of them.
  • However, there are definitely differences between teams.
  • In fact, there is no such thing as the strongest team, but there is such a thing as a “strong team”.
  • There are trends in “strong team” as well. In particular, the trend among top players is considered to be the strongest.
  • Currently, the most popular team among top players is a combination of Corvus, Sebastian, and Isaac.
  • The combination of Corvus and Isaac can deal with many opponents, including the powerful individual Aurora.

Team to defeat the strongest

  • Aurora, and Corvus + Isaac, the formation to defeat such a strong person was also born!
  • This is a pure damage formation for the experts, involving Arachne, Heidi, and other niche heroes.
  • They can defeat what used to be considered absolute powerhouses.
  • On the other hand, it is not necessarily able to beat the old style of team. It is not common to hear people call this team the strongest.
  • However, it can defeat the team that are considered strong. This is that kind of team.

Extra: The strongest DPS (attacking unit)

  • The above three stories are written by players who have played the game for a long time and understand the superiority of DPS-less team. However, DPS that produces damage is the strength that beginners can easily understand.
  • The most seasonal DPS in late 2021 is Heidi. However, it is difficult to handle and does not fit into the term “strongest.
  • Perhaps Dante is the hero who deserves this title.
  • With the update, he now has the strength to rival the ever-popular DPS, K’arhk.
  • The main reason K’arhk hasn’t solidified his position as the strongest is because he’s known for his countermeasures.
  • Dante is not as well known for his countermeasures as K’arhk is.


Sequel(in 2022)

Tear List

Defence Trends

What strong player do and weak player don’t do


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