[Hero Wars Guide]Corvus

[Hero Wars]Corvus

About Corvus

  • The undead king resurrected by his daughter.
  • Its essence is a third skill called Altar of Souls. It automatically counterattacks the opponent’s attacks with pure damage.
  • The amount of damage the altar does will counterattack with the same damage based on the coves Health, regardless of the amount of damage the opponent has inflicted on him or her. And the effect lasts until the ally takes a certain amount of total damage. This makes it anyway strong against heroes who pile up small damage or attack in total!
  • Particularly susceptible from this altar are Yasmine, Keira, Kayla, Ginger, and Helios, and it can easily function as a hard counter to these heroes. However, depending on the degree of Ascension enhancement of the opposing DPS, they may be able to withstand the altar, and Corvus alone may not be a sufficient countermeasure.
  • The most famous Yasmine counter is Helios, but against Helios, Yasmine can be accompanied by Isaac to counter the countermeasure. On the other hand, this means does not work against Corvus, who beat Yasmine with pure damage, and often returns the favor by putting together. Such Corvus also have countermeasures against Yasmin, and the combination of Yasmine + Andovalin, on the other hand, is a counter to Corvus.
  • Altar counterattacks can be countered by Vampirism skills due to the nature of counterattacks. For this reason, Dorian, who can give Vampirism to DPS, is a counter to Corvus. Corvus is well known as a counter to Kayla, but the combination of Kayla + Dorian is a counter to Corvus in reverse!
  • It is extremely compatible with Aidan, and the total Health of the two can be used to calculate the damage of the altar. This property is very useful in CoW factory defense.
  • Double tank operation works especially well with Aurora, and an aggressive double tank can be configured.
  • Moving Dorian with his 4th skill, Royal Defense, allows for a combo that includes everyone in the Vampirism target. However, it is very difficult to aim at it, and it is not considered to be a story play.
  • As a tank, he is a very soft, and is often used in conjunction with evasive or debuff teams.
  • Altar is also very useful in guild raids.
  • The pets to patronize are Oliver, Biscuit, and Albus, all of which have their uses. Player skill in using different pets is important.
[Hero Wars]Corvus

Flavor Text

Not even death could stop Corvus once and for all. Resurrected by his daughter, he swore to protect the Kingdom of Graven and its new Dominion allies from enemies once more. Woe be to those who cross the path of the King of the Undead!


Strike of the Damned

  • Corvus deals 79,984 damage to the enemy front line, temporarily decreasing all defenses (Armor, Magic Defense, Dodge). Defense decrease effectiveness and damage dealt are increased by 10% for each Undead ally on the team.
  • Damage: 79,984 (100% Physical attack + Level x 100)
  • Defense decrease: 9,948 (10% Physical attack + Level x 25)
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Unity of the Damned

  • Corvus increases his Undead allies’ physical and magic attack for 10 seconds.
  • Physical and magic attack bonus: 18,696 (25% Physical attack + Level x 15)

Altar of Souls

  • Corvus conjures an altar in the center of his team. The altar deals pure damage to the enemy heroes whenever they deal damage to allied heroes. The altar’s health decreases when allies take damage.
  • Altar damage: 12,822 (1.2% Health + Level x 10 + 10)
  • Altar health: 904,370 (90% Health + Level x 200 + 4,000)

Royal Defense

  • When an ally’s health drops below 20%, Corvus moves them to the center of the team. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds.
  • Chance to move an ally is lowered if the target’s level is above 130



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