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Popularity Ranking of Companion Pet

1st: Axel

  • Versatile, with a combination of damage dispersion and the accompanying gauge acceleration, which quickly raises the team’s stability.
  • Especially good vs. Dante and K’arkh. It can prevent instant death of the rear guard.
  • Many people use only Axel , but they are still viable to some extent.
  • Damage dispersion performance is power-dependent, but still excellent early on. This is because in the early stages, the opponent’s heroes are also low in power, and the amount of damage they can do is low.
  • Most starter stop upgrade Oliver and switch to Axel, even though he has lower power, and he becomes one step stronger.

2nd: Khorus

  • Can cut debuffs without relying on Sebastian.
  • Particularly good in CoW offensive and defensive.
  • Success rate of debuff cut depends on power and is not very practical at first.
  • Incidentally, it does not protect from Jorgen. Thus, it indirectly improved Jorgen’s use.

3rd: Biscuit

  • The first skill that stops heal for 5 seconds regardless of power is powerful. However, since it is often manageable even without it, most people have never used it in the companion.
  • The damage of the first skill is linked to power, but is less important. For this reason, in practical use, it is the least power-dependent pet
  • When you use them differently, you realize that there are actually patterns where you can win more by taking a lvl 1 Biscuit than a max Axel.
  • With Ishmael‘s rework and the appearance of the CoW City Hall base buff, the importance of this pet has been raised a notch.
  • For the above reasons, starter can improve their win rate a little by taking Biscuit as their second team pet in Grand Arena and CoW.

4th : Albus

  • Used especially heavily in guild raid.
  • In CoW, sometimes placed in factory defense to match Corvus.
  • Has been considered less useful vs. opponents, but works well with the Corvus + Aidan combo. Aidan’s appearance has increased its use somewhat.
  • If it is a pure damage team, it may be useful in the fight against Fafnir.
  • If you are struggling with lian solo, one of the solutions.

5th : Cain

  • Almost exclusively for Dante tank team.
  • Even for Dante tank team, it is a case-by-case basis whether Axel is better or Cain is better.

6th: Oliver

  • Often upgrade first by starters, but often you can be stronger if you graduate as soon as possible, even if it’s only a second.
  • If you upgrade a lot of control heroes, it is sometimes the best choice for stabilizing debuff-specific team.
  • In some cases, such as in the case of Arachne tank, it is better than Axel, but even those who use Arachne tank often do not know this because Axel is generally fine.

7th: Merlin

  • A pet that is used in some compositions by people who are familiar with guild raids.
  • Otherwise, you almost never see it.

8th : Fenris

  • Fenris is used in a fast attack formation called “Fenris Attack” (or “Dog Kill”), but everyone outside of our guild is at the level of “what’s that?

9th : Mara

  • When used as a bridge for a debuff team, there is a pattern of being able to keep them out of action.
  • It is rarely used because it often works well without it, and even if it does, it often doesn’t work well.

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