[Hero Wars Guide]Phobos

[Hero Wars] Phobos

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  • Phobos, a formidable undead harboring the fear of death, stands as a dark hero aiding those confronting their fears.
  • His Winter Skin transforms him into the Nutcracker, adding a festive touch to his ominous persona.
  • In summary, Phobos can be a formidable addition to teams with strategic compositions, providing unique advantages and counters in specific situations.

Strengths and Teaming Theory of Phobos

  • Phobos operates as a physical DPS counter with potent control capabilities. His first skill specifically targets the hero with the highest physical attack on the opposing team, making him effective against physical DPS heroes like Dante, K’arkh, and Yasmine.
  • The first skill, Paralysis, serves as a debuff that penetrates most debuff cuts, bypassing even double debuff cut from like Sebastian and Khorus.
  • While lacking inherent magic penetration, Phobos synergizes well with Merlin’s Patron effect, allowing him to contribute to a physical team that includes him as the sole magic hero.
  • With a decent amount of armor, Phobos can enhance durability when patronized by pets like Biscuit and Khorus, surpassing Dante’s armor penetration in certain situations.
  • His second and third skills deal damage to enemies in the front line, making him compatible with heroes like Iris and Celeste for a frontal assault team.
  • The third skill provides Health restoration, though the amount is modest. In teams focused on high armor and limited exposure, this recovery can be pivotal for securing victories.
  • The first artifact grants Magic Defense, potentially countering heroes like Amira when combined with other magic-protecting allies. However, its slow skill activation limits its overall impact.
  • Phobos, being undead, can benefit from buff and healing support from heroes like Corvus and Morrigan, but lacks the ability to support other undead heroes.
  • As a midshipman with significant firepower, Phobos pairs well with Dorian, offering an alternative to the popular ODH (Orion, Dorian, Helios) combination for countering critical physical teams.
  • Combining Phobos with Jorgen and Lilith creates a durable Magic & Control team, excelling as a counter to Khorus.

Disadvantages of Phobos

  • While possessing firepower, Phobos isn’t a primary attacker and often serves as an auxiliary damage dealer. The overall lack of firepower can leave him vulnerable to enemy healers.
  • Slow skill activation, especially for the first artifact, diminishes its impact on battles, sometimes rendering it ineffective even when leveled.
  • The first skill’s targeting can be influenced by buffs from physical DPS heroes, Sebastian, and Isaac, creating uncertainties in selecting the right target.
  • The first skill doesn’t hit Dante in the air, leading to potential disadvantages. Manual control can mitigate this, but a delay in activation remains.
  • The potency of Phobos’ first skill is hindered by its slow activation, posing challenges in connecting with the field until its execution. This necessitates strategic team-building based on the battle scenario. A haphazardly assembled team may leave Phobos ineffective and susceptible to defeat.
  • The effectiveness of Phobos heavily relies on the performance of his first skill. Consequently, there are instances where Phobos proves crucial and others where he contributes minimally to the battle outcome.
  • In the realm of control + DPS dynamics, Phobos stands as an advanced hero, contrasting with Amira’s versatility, which remains impactful in the hands of any user. Moreover, Phobos poses difficulties when integrated into defensive formations.

Practical Knowledge of Phobos

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