[Hero Wars Guide]How to beat Amira 3 times in CoW

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  • Hero Wars 2024 focuses heavily on defeating Amira!
  • In CoW, it’s not uncommon to face 30 Amira defenses. Some players may even attempt to defeat Amira three times in a row!
  • How can you successfully defeat three Amira defenses? Here are some real-life examples to help you out.


Amira’s Strategy Theories Here are some of the strategy theories I use.

Celeste Tank with Heidi

  • The Celeste-Nebula-Heidi combo has traditionally countered the Dante tank.
  • Few people realize that removing the tank from this combination also works as a counter to the Amira-Nebula-Heidi configuration.
  • In particular, Celeste’s ability to block healing is effective against setups with Martha or Dorian.

Team Plan : Celeste, Nebula, Heidi, Phobos, Jet or Martha

Jhu Teams

  • One of Amira’s strengths is her ability to nullify critical attacks, making it difficult for standard physical teams to win consistently.
  • However, this ability only activates when the opponent’s primary stat is Agility. Jhu, whose primary stat is Strength, is unaffected.
  • Therefore, you can create an effective counter formation by combining Jhu with Marcus when facing an Amira tank, or Corvus when accompanied by Heidi.

Team Plan : Corvus, Morrigan, Jhu, Lara Croft, Faceless

Aurora and Orion

  • When Amira is teamed with Dante, Aurora can use Dante’s attacks to generate energy and speed to defeat Amira.
  • Aurora alone may lack sufficient magic penetration and attack power, but pairing her with Orion as a DPS solves this problem.
  • The caveat is that if Orion is killed instantly by Amira’s skill or any other skill, the strategy will fail. It’s important to ensure Orion’s stability, such as having Axel support him.

Team Plan : Aurora, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Lilith

Control Teams

  • A defensive team without Khorus or Julius can be defeated by a control team, even if Amira is present.
  • In such cases, Sebastian or Nebula can cut through some of the debuff. However, it can be defeated by using countermeasures to countermeasures, such as Biscuit and Vex!

Team Plan : Rufus, Arachne, Astrid and Lucas. Faceless, Polaris

Real showcase in Crash of Worlds

3 Wins Case 1: Celeste and Heidi, Jhu, Orion

3 Wins Case 2: Celeste and Heidi, Jhu, Control Team

In the future (Qing Mao)

  • The Qing Mao team strategy is rapidly gaining popularity!
  • It is expected that the combination of these methods will help you win the game in a better way.

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