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Unreleased Pets: A Preview of Vex

[Hero Wars] Vex Stat
  • Vex, introduced as the tenth pet in 2023, specializes in long-range physical DPS support.
  • With a focus on bolstering firepower, Vex also inflicts debuffs to amplify damage.
  • Its effectiveness varies based on the opponent’s debuff-cutting skills.This Patron skill is highly likely to be a counter against Sebastian. Additionally, it is believed that debuff cutting is not possible with Khorus. Countermeasures in Julius may be effective.
  • Patron skills would be especially compatible with Keira and Ginger.
  • There aren’t many heroes that can be patronized, and to begin with, there aren’t many physical pets.  This is especially beneficial in CoW and Grand Arena defense.
  • The passive skill is compatible with dealing Physical damage, regardless of whether he can be patronized or not. Theoretically, there could be a strategy that amplifies Cornelius’ damage by 1.5x.
  • Designed as a counter to Heidi, the prevalence of Heidi’s defense is currently not significant.
  • It is believed that whether it serves as a counter to Dante depends on the defensive team. Vex is more likely to excel against teams with Dante having the lowest Health among the five heroes.
  • There is a possibility of devising entirely new and unprecedented defense Teams. Similar to advancing to a new stage in a puzzle game, this opens up the potential for a high-level heroic battle experience, distinct from previous strategies.

Official Synergy

Based on the timing of the announcement, it is probably an official synergy with Keira.

Keira Will Become Stronger!

Official Trailer

Meet Patron

[Hero Wars] Vex Meet Patron

Patron Skill: Deep Wounds

  • Heroes under Patron’s influence accumulate grievous wounds with each attack. This leads to a proportional increase in physical damage.
[Hero Wars] Vex Deep Wounds

Passive Skill: Curse of the Flesh

  • Passive Skill.
  • Places a curse on the enemy with the lowest Health, dealing Pure damage based on the harm inflicted on other enemies.
[Hero Wars] Vex Curse of the Flesh

Ultimate Skill: Noxious Cloud

  • Ranged Attack.
  • Inflicts sustained physical damage while reducing armor.
[Hero Wars] Vex Noxious Cloud


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