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What is the Creatures of the Night

  • New Pet “Vex” Implementation Event.
  • 4th new pet event following Axel in 2020.
  • Exclusive map, shop, and daily quests for a limited time only.
  • Soul stones and training items for Pet who are eligible for additional skins are available.
  • Equipment can be diverted to other Pets.
  • 7-day long event.
  • Only the exclusive shop will be open for 8 days.

Official Comment

  • A new skeletal pet is coming to Hero Wars soon!
  • Watch the video about him and find out what sinister skills he can unleash upon his enemies!

Official Trailer

Flavor Text

With the war between Light and Dark raging on, help Vex find his own path among the forgotten graves and deep secrets of Necropolis.


Play Guide

How to proceed with the dedicated map event

  • Obtain boss battle items and coins from the dedicated store through quests and daily quests.
  • For every 6 boss battle items collected, one boss battle is possible.
  • Winning a boss fight earns you 1,500 coins from the exclusive shop.
  • Use coins from the dedicated store to obtain soul stones, equipment, and other items for new Pet.
[Hero Wars Guide] Creatures of the Night Event Map


  • The event will last for a week. Each day, 5 quests and 1 enemy will appear on the map. Complete the quests, defeat the bosses, and earn Essence of the Afterlife to upgrade the new pet, Vex, and buy unique gifts in the event shop.
  • Events, quests, and bosses change every day at 2:00 AM, GMT+0. If you miss a day, don’t worry! You won’t lose out on the plot or the daily boss fight.
  • The boss difficulty increases after each battle. Defeat the bosses in raids to avoid boosting their power.
  • To fight the bosses, you’ll need Noctus’s Orders. Complete special quests to earn them. Act decisively and help Vex sever his bond with the wicked Count Noctus!
[Hero Wars Guide] About Creatures of the Night

About Boss Battles

  • Boss strength increases the more you defeat them, but it is a hobby factor.
  • After defeating the weakest strength, you can simply raid with the same result (based on previous results).
  • If you lose to the boss, the event items used for the challenge will be returned, so feel free to try.
[Hero Wars Guide] Creatures of the Night Boss Battle


  • Night Prowler
  • Necromancer
  • The Sages of the Sun
  • Undead Wyrm
  • Vices
  • Necropolis Guards
  • Noctus’s Governor
  • Ilyssa the Great

Daily Quest Notes

  • Five exclusive daily quests will appear daily on the dedicated map.
  • 4 x1 prize items and 1 x2 prize item each day. Get 6 items per day if you clear all of them.
  • The update timing of the exclusive daily quests is based on the system update time (11:00 a.m. Japan time).
  • It is safer to stand by and not do the daily routine before the event’s quests are updated.
  • Daily quest rewards not received from the map will be delivered to Mail, but there is a 3-day limit to receive them.
  • If you receive the Daily Quest reward by mail, the quest is completed when you receive it in the mail.
  • If you receive the reward by mail on the last day, you will not be able to complete “5. Complete the Daily Quest of the Special Map”.
[Hero Wars Guide] Creatures of the Night Daily Quests Reword

Quests Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 7)
  • 2. VIP Level (MAX 7)
  • 3. Buy Emerald (MAX 90,000)
  • 4. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 5. Complete daily quests on the Special Map (MAX 35)
  • 6. Spend Energy (MAX 18,000)
  • 7. Use Pet Summoning (MAX 75)
  • 8. Open chests in Adventures (MAX 20)

All Quests

Daily Quests

Day 1

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 2

  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 5 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Complete 5 mission
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 3

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Get 50 Soul Stone of any hero
  • Spend 500 Arena Coin
  • Collect 75 Titanite in the Guild Dungeon
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 4

  • Open 1 Heroic Chest
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 5 time in the Arena or Grand Arena

Day 5

  • Complete 5 mission
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 6

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Open 5 chest in the Tower
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 7

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Open 5 chest in the Tower
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Open 3 chest in the Adventures
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time

Supplemental Information

The daily quests are the same as the Old Event “Free Flight”.

Event Frame

Event Avatar

Event Shop

Explanation of cost performance and other factors when converted to emeralds.

Group Gift


[Hero Wars Guide] Creatures of the Night Group Gift_1



After Event

The event, its quests, and the special map will disappear on Oct.26, 2 AM UTC, and the Creatures of the Night Shop will be there for one more day, till Oct.27, 2 AM UTC. Shortly after the shop’s closing, your remaining Noctus’s Orderss and Essence of the Afterlifes will be exchanged for Eternal Companion Chests: 

  • 750 Essence of the Afterlife = 1 Eternal Companion Chest 
  • 3 Noctus’s Orderss = 1 Eternal Companion Chest

You will need to reload your browser to receive this.
Also, a due date will be set for receipt.

Receive rewards after the event

  • Unclaimed bundle shares will be available in your Mail for 30 days.
  • Unclaimed quest rewards will be available in your Mail for 3 days.

To receive an extra Eternal Companion Chest

  • The above automatic conversion rounds up fractions. Leave it so that there is a fraction.
  • Finish the event by intentionally not receiving 1 Noctus’s Orders in the quest and leaving it on the quest.
  • Leave 1 Noctus’s Orders at hand as well. Preparation up to this point
  • After the event shop is closed, reload your browser and you will receive 1 Eternal Companion Chest in your e-mail based on 1 Noctus’s Orders that you left in your hand.
  • At this time, 1 Noctus’s Orders left on the quest will also be left in the mail. After receiving 1 Eternal Companion Chest, receive 1 Noctus’s Orders and reload the browser.
  • Check your Mail, and you will receive the 1 Noctus’s Orders again.
  • This way, you can convert 2 Noctus’s Orders into 2 Eternal Companion Chest.
  • You can do the same thing with a fraction of a Essence of the Afterlife.
  • If a guild member gives you a Bundle, you can aim to round up a fraction of the bundle in the same way.
  • [Note: This method may or may not work for some events. If it works, I’ll be happy…

Event History

  • Thursday, October 19, 2023 (7 days)

Event Bundle

Creatures of the Night Bundle

Daily Bundle

Day 2

Energy Recovery Bundle

Day 6

Special Offer (VIP0-14)

Special Offer(VIP15)

Day 7

Emerald Chests! Bundle

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