[Hero Wars Guide]One-off Events

[Hero Wars Guide]One off Events
  1. What is a one-off event?
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What is a one-off event?

  • Hero Wars will feature a number of one-off events.
  • There will be a root box available only at that event.
  • However, many of the contents of the Loot Boxes are also available at other events.
  • Some of the stellar skins that will be event prizes will have very limited opportunities to be reacquired, as will the winter skins.

Limited skins available only at one-off events

Stellar Skin Chest

Event Patterns

New Hero Implementation Events

  • The main reward is the soul stone of the targeted hero.
  • If you forgo obtaining them here, your chances of reacquisition are very limited.
  • Iris, the longest in the past, could not be reacquired for about 10 months.

New pet implementation event

  • The main reward is the soul stone of the targeted pet.
  • Compared to heroes, opportunities for reacquisition are often offered earlier.

New Titan Implementation Event

  • The main reward is the soul stone of the targeted titan.
  • Compared to heroes, opportunities to reacquire them are often offered earlier.

Hero Rework Event

  • An event when a rework is done for a hero with low user usage.
  • The main rewards are soul stones and weapons of the targeted hero.
  • Often held in the form of a Brawl.

Test Event

  • An event held for the purpose of considering whether or not to make it a regular event.

One-off Events in 2021

Fri, April 16 (7 days) : Alvanor’s Awakening

Hero, Albanor Implementation Event.

Mon, July 19 (1 day) : Night Fight

Skin Stone Event.

Mon, July 26 (3 days) : Otherworldly Call

A 1-day version was later held throughout the year.

Fri, July 30 (3 days) : The Fellowship of Guardians

Skin Stone Event.

Fri, August 6 (7 days) : KING OF ETERNAL SNOW

Pet, Biscuit implementation event.

Fri, September 10 (7 days): Path of Light

Hero, Tristan Implementation Event.

Fri, November 17 (2 days): Treasure Hunt

One-off Events in 2022

Wed, 19 January (5 days) : Lilith’s Brawls(Lilith’s Obsession)

Lilith’s rework event. Brawl format.

Wed, 23 February (5 days) : Judge’s Brawls(Revelation of the Space Guardian)

Judge’s rework event. Brawl format.

Thu, April 07 (7 days):The Mystery of Golden Sands

Amira implementation event. Daily Quest format.

Fri, 13 May (6 days) : Mojo’s Brawls(Shaman’s Calling)

Mojo’s reworking event. Brawl format.

Fri, August 26 (7 days) : Free Flight

Pet Khorus implementation event. Daily Quest format.

Fri, September 16 (7 days) : The Secrets of the Dragon Mountains

Fafnir implementation & Ishmael rework event. Daily quest format.

Fri, September 30 (3 days) : The Coll of Darkness

Titan Keros implementation event.

Fri, October 07 (3 days) : Grim Hunger

Titan Mort implementation event.

Fri, October 14 (3 days) : Brighter Than the Sun

Titan Amon implementation event.

Fri, October 21 (3 days) : Sunbeam

Titan Iyari implementation event.

One-off Events in 2023

Tue, January 17 (3 days) : The Dark Guardian

Titan Brustar implementation event.

Fri, February 10 (3 days) : White Hand

Titan Rigel implementation event.

Fri, February 17 (7 days) : Mind of the Old Grove

Mushy and Shroom  implementation event. Daily quest format.

Fri, April 07 (3 days) : Incarnation of Darkness

Titan Tenebris implementation event.

Mon, April 24 (7 days) : Interplanetary Travel

Julius implementation event. Daily quest format

Friday, May 19 (3 days) : The Sun of This World

Titan Solaris implementation event.

Friday, June 23 (6 days) : Clash of the Titans

Titan’s Champion Skin Implementation Event. Brawl format

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