[Hero Wars Guide]The Coll of Darkness

[Hero Wars Guide]The Coll of Darkness

What is The Coll of Darkness?

  • Event to implement the Darkness Titan “Keros”.
  • Kelos Soul Stone is the main prize.
  • If you forgo obtaining Kelos Soul Stone here, you will not be offered the opportunity to obtain it for a while.
    (ex, Iris :10 months Khorus:1 month)
  • Keros Dolls provide Keros Soul Stone and a variety of Titan resources.
  • Titan Skin Stone and Titan Potion are required. Only use the quest achievement and consider preserving these for future events introducing new titans (likely to be needed).

Flavor Text

A voice from the abyssal depths has heeded your call. The dreaded Dark Titan, Keros, has entered this world to eclipse the sun itself! Can you handle his might?

Quest Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 3)
  • 2. VIP Level (MAX 7)
  • 3. Reach VIP points (MAX 9,000)
  • 4. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 5. Spend Energy (MAX 16,000)
  • 6. Open Outland Chest (MAX 230)
  • 7. Upgrade any titan’s skin (MAX 40)
  • 8. Upgrade any titan levels (MAX 80)
[Hero Wars Guide]The Coll of Darkness Quests_1

Resources needed to Complete the quests

Number of Titan Skins needed (Level1 -> Level41 : 90,064)

Number of Titan Potion needed (Level1 -> Level81 : 119,350)

All Quests

Keros Soul Stones in Quests

  • The number of Keros Soul Stones that can be obtained directly from quests is 506.
  • The number of Keros Soul Stones (excluding Emerald use) that can be obtained directly from quests is 314.
  • More Soul Stones from Keros Dolls. (in quests max 301 dolls)

Soul Stone Required Table

Keros Doll

Group Gift

Day 1

[Hero Wars Guide]Lore Festival Group Gift1

Day 3

Event History

  • Friday, September 30, 2022 (3 days)


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