[Hero Wars Guide]Titan Soul Stones

[Hero Wars] Titan Soul Stone

What is Titan Soul Stone?

  • Can be developed from Star 1 to Star 6. Power per level increases.
  • Easier to obtain than Heroes and Pets.
  • Super Titans are treated slightly differently from other Titans.
  • Water, Fire, and Earth Titans can be obtained in Dungeon, except for Super Titans. Therefore, those with strong Totems can acquire them indefinitely.
  • Water, Fire, and Earth Titans can be obtained in Circle of Summoning. However, Super Titans have a low rate. Emeralds can also be used, but if the Guild is active, the Titans can be canned in about six months without using Emeralds.
  • Even with Water, Fire, and Earth Titans, the Super Titan Soul Stone takes a little longer. You want to collect them at regular Titan events.
  • Titan Soul Chests are available for each Role, and you can select the Soul Stone of the Elements Eitan you want from the target Role (Only Water, Flame, and Earth).
  • Darkness and Light Titans are not yet available at all times.

Titan soul stones required for summoning

  • Titans other than Super Titan can be summoned with 1 Star, 30 Soul Stones.
  • Super Titans can be summoned with 3 Stars, 230 Soul Stones.
  • The total amount of Soul Stones required for Absolute Star is the same for all titans.

Summoning Titan

Summoning Super Titan

Excess Titan Soul Stones

  • Extra Titan Soul Stones can use the Titan Soul Shop!
  • Titan Potion, Spark of Power, and Gold are available.
  • Once unlocked, the Titan Soul Shop will become the main source of Gold in the game.

Table of Star Rank

Star RankSoul StonesGoldSoul Stones(Total)Gold(Total)

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