[Hero Wars Guide]The First Titan Team

[Hero Wars Guide]The First Titan Team

The First Titan Team to Grow

  • Recommendations for the first team you should build for each Elements.
  • It has many uses with low power and is currently in play until the end.
  • We hope you don’t think there is a concept that the best titan is this one.
  • With the join of Darkness and Light titans, changes are expected in the future.
  • Empirical knowledge, not an absolute law.


  • 4-1 formation with emphasis on Totem Attack.
  • Use Araji for its versatility in Acceleration.
  • Easy to use in Guild War, ToE, and Dungeon all around.
  • Defensive resistance to Auto Attacks in canned confrontations is not a consideration (all of these can be beaten 99%-100% by auto).
  • See separate articles for individual training, etc.

Water Titan Team

Fire Titan Team

Earth Titan Team

About Double Totems and Single Totems

  • To create a double Totem, you need to pull that many Totems!
  • Unless you are actively using emeralds on the Altar of  the Elements, the number of Totems you can get is extremely limited!
  • If you cannot prepare a Double Totem, the speed of activation of the single Totem is more important. You may consider a 4-1 formation first

Sixth and seventh

  • The 6th is a Super Titan (Eden Huperion) that is not included in this formation and can be very easy to fight both offensively and defensively.
  • Seventh is greatly reduced in priority unless you consider a second team in CoW. Opinions are likely to differ, but here are my personal suggestions. I also think the addition of Darkness and Light Titans will change the policy here especially.
  • For the 7th of Water, I recommend Ignis. Nova tanks will be available.
  • For the 7th of Fire, I recommend Sigurd. It will be possible to use a formation in which the Fire Totem is used to pull out the flame while Sigurd withstands the Fire.
  • For the 7th of earth, I recommend Moloch or Ignis. Moloch will allow you to use a formation that connects the Earth Totem while stunning the vanguard, and Ignis can amplify Eden’s firepower.

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