[Hero Wars Guide]Comparison of the Elements

[Hero Wars] Circle of the Elements

Elements Comparison

Compatibility Relationships between Elements

  • Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, Earth is strong against Water.
  • Darkness is strong against Light, Light is strong against Darkness.

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Overview of Titan by Elements

Based on environment as of September 2022.

Water Element

  • Dungeon: Most appropriate for dungeons. However, unless you enhance your totem, you will be stuck in the same. If you master the Water Totem, you can advance indefinitely.
  • ToE: Most important for those who can defeat the king, but hardest while power is low.
  • Guild War: Overwhelming in defense if your totem is stronger than those around you. Tends to be limited in attack if you don’t consider darkness and light. For those in charge of heroic battles.

Fire Element

  • Dungeon: least appropriate for dungeon. Single Araji can win in the lower floors.
  • ToE: Strong in attack, weak in defense, easy to win stages while power is low. Defense loss is the most common.
  • Guild War: For those in charge of titan battles as a breakthrough player. It is not suitable for defense.

Earth Element

  • Dungeon: can stick with alternate barrier of Totem and Avalon. Single Eden can win in the lower floors.
  • ToE: relatively stable, but less important except for Eden and Angus.
  • Guild War: Easy to be active with only one team on offense and defense.

Darkness Element


Light Element


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