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Defense Trends

Best Defense Trends (2020-2023)

2023 – Earth and Light or Dark: Double Totem

  • The emergence of Light-Dark has rendered Earth 4 + Araji and Water 4 + Eden less effective defenses, leading to the rise of Double Totem formations.
  • The combination of the unpredictability of Eden with the complexity of Double Totem makes it challenging for attacks to succeed.
  • Light Totems are frequently utilized, particularly for their effective immortality effect even at Star 1 and Level 1. Deliberately weakening elemental armor, can deceive opponents about the effectiveness of automatic and manual timing.

2022 – Earth 4 + Araji

  • Widely used in CoW due to its effectiveness in countering Araji with a significant number of Earth titans, surpassing the viability of auto-prohibition with Water 4 + Eden.
  • While it can be defeated by Auto, reliable victory against this team without using Araji is difficult.
  • The advent of Tenebris has diminished its value, allowing for defeat even when Araji is preserved.

2021 – Water 4 + Eden

  • The prevalence of Nova tanks prompted the need for defense formations beyond Earth, where autos were ineffective.
  • During this period, guild battles saw the strategic placement of as many Water 4 Edens as possible. Joining a high-ranking guild often required a 6 Star Water Totem.
  • Many players exclusively owned water totems for dungeon progression, and guilds lacking the strength to dye Earth continued to utilize this team.

2020 – Earth + S3

  • The standard Earth and Water organization proved nearly unbeatable, forcing Fire Titans to rely on luck in auto mode.
  • A few skilled players, mastering manual control, managed to defeat them with Earth.
  • The introduction of Nova tanks, conquerable by auto, rendered this strategy obsolete.

Other traditional defense teams

Water 4 + Araji

  • Fire 4 + Hyperion’s auto can defeat Water 4 + Araji, so we typically opt for Water 4 Eden!
  • However, there’s a sweet spot—a power zone where Fire 4 + Hyperion auto fails if you deliberately suppress the power of each Titan and focus solely on upgrading the totem.
  • We leverage this sweet spot to create an illusion that the auto will be effective.

Water 4 + Moloch

  • While Fire 4 + Hyperion’s auto can defeat Water 4 + Araji, it struggles against Water 4 + Moloch.
  • Attempting to overcome it with Earth 4 + Araji is a gamble.
  • It can work as a first kill, because it is impossible to defeat it without knowing its effective attack team.

Water S3

  • Due to the variation in countering Water 4 + Eden, we occasionally mix in this composition.
  • By employing it intermittently, it becomes a defensive strategy that relies on the attacker making mistakes by not considering how to counter it effectively.
  • You can use Mairi instead of Nova, but the team will be weaker.

Earth S3 (Avalon)

  • The standard version of Earth S3 utilizes Silva, but we dare to incorporate Avalon.
  • While easier to defeat than the Silva version, it proves resistant to the Nova tank!
  • It’s possible that they might mistakenly use a Nova tank, but to be honest, it’s a weak strategy. The only time Avalon is stronger than Silva in a 3-earth configuration is when it is a double totem.

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