[Hero Wars Guide]Water Titans Battles

Limited scope, but there are ways to expand it

  • The Water Totem is often chosen as the initial preference due to its critical role in Guild Dungeon encounters.
  • In an environment where the theory is to defend with Earth Titans, it is difficult for Water Titans to play an active role in Guild Battles and CoW, both Attack and Defence.
  • First of all, Fire Titan, which is the Water Titan’s specialty, is difficult to use for defense. The only people who have trained Fire Titans are those who have no choice but to use them. Therefore, Water Titans are limited in their offensive and defensive roles against opponents.
  • To broaden their effectiveness, one can explore options such as employing double totems with Dark and Light elements or experimenting with diverse Nova tank configurations.
  • While solely relying on Water Titans for all defenses proves challenging, there are strategic considerations to enhance their utility.

Case Scenarios

Insights into Reference Examples

  • The provided reference examples may experience diminished efficacy with the introduction of new skins in the future, contingent upon the opponent’s training level.
  • These examples are gauged based on the ability to secure victories in auto mode. Players proficient in manual control may achieve success across a broader spectrum.
  • Attacking the elemental weakness comes with risks. Therefore, the outcome may vary significantly depending on the upgrade status of both teams.

Case 1: Defeat Earth and Super Titans with a Nova tank

Case 2: Defeat Earth and Light Titans with a Nova tank

Case 3: Defeat Earth and Dark Titans with a Nova tank

Case 4: Defeat Earth 4 with a Dual-totem

If the opponent has all the champion skins, the probability of defeat is low.

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