[Hero Wars Guide]Box of Eastern Longevity

[Hero Wars] The winds from the East 2024

Item Guide

  • Accessible during The Winds from the East event.
  • You can acquire 5 Soul Stones for the hero of your choice.
  • Eligible for heroes with Lunar Skin; some are not applicable.
  • Includes heroes with relatively challenging Soul Stone acquisition. Hence, beginners can view this as an opportunity to obtain Soul Stones for Morrigan and Jet.
  • It is advisable not to open it right away when using it but to do so when a Soul Stone quest is available.

Item Description

Contains hero soul stones with Lunar Skins. Choose a reward upon opening.


You Can Chooce

You Cannot Chooce

The following heroes have Lunar skins, but are not currently eligible to receive Soul Stones from this Box. This information may be changed in the future.

How to Get Soul Stone

Event Guide

The winds from the East

The winds from the East Tasks and Rewards

The winds from the East All Quests

Lunar Skins


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