[Hero Wars Guide]Forgotten Treasury Vase

[Hero Wars Guide] Forgotten Treasury Vase_re

Item Guide

  • Archaeologist’s tools not used in The Forgotten Treasury event will be converted after the event.
  • Items available in The Forgotten Treasury will be randomly distributed.
  • The distribution rate will likely be even, including for the grand prize.
  • This item is shared among events with the same name and may be updated in the case of a new event.
  • Due to these reasons, if this item is kept in reserve, the prize may change.
  • The following list is accurate as of November 4, 2023.
  • After obtaining the grand prize in The Forgotten Treasury, save any remaining tools and try your luck by converting them into this item.
  • According to the official description, the value of each of these items is equivalent to 2,750 emeralds.


[Hero Wars Guide]Forgotten Treasury Vase
[Hero Wars Guide]Forgotten Treasury Vase
[Hero Wars Guide]Forgotten Treasury Vase
[Hero Wars Guide]Forgotten Treasury Vase


  • Chaos Core x1
  • Bottled Energy x1
  • Elemental Tournament Certificate x1
  • Agility Skin Stone x150
  • Strength Skin Stone x150
  • Intelligence Skin Stone x150
  • Artifact Coin x500
  • Chaos Particle x4,000
  • Random Greater Insignia x5
  • Skin Stone Chest x10
  • Absolute Artifact Essence x800
  • Gleaming Defense Seal x50
  • Outland Coin x500
  • Soul Casket x1
  • Equipment Fragment Chest x2
  • Pet Summoning Egg x1
  • Absolute Artifact Essence x10
  • Absolute Artifact Scroll x10
  • Absolute Artifact Metal x10
  • Red Equipment Chest x1
  • Random Vibrant Crystal x20
  • Random Radiant Crystal x10
  • Great enchantment rune x1
  • Titan Artifact Sphere x3
  • Summoning Sphere x2
  • Light Fragment x1
  • Dark Particle x1
  • Cosmic Artifact Chest x3
  • Gleaming Attack Seal x50
  • Gleaming Balance Seal x50
  • Titan Skin Stone x1,000
  • Choice of Greater Insignia x10

Event Guide

The Forgotten Treasury

Archaeologist’s Bundle


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