[Hero Wars Guide]Chaos Particle

[Hero Wars Guide] Chaos Particle

Chaos Particle

  • Many call it purple jelly.
  • Important material used to level up pet equipment.
  • Can be used to get pet equipment. The higher the level, the more important it becomes.
  • The amount needed is huge compared to the amount obtained, so it is always in short supply.
  • Mainly obtained from Pet Soul Stone Shop, Adventure and The Great Storm (Pet Event).
  • A daily purchase in the Pet Soul Stone Shop. This is recommended as the highest priority for gold use.
  • Also available in bundles and root boxes
  • Can be discharged by many root boxes, but all are small in volume.
  • Can be substituted directly with emeralds. Slight discount if you wait for the irregular “Pet master Mira”.

How to use Chaos Particle

  • If you prioritize either expensive or cheap equipment, prioritizing cheap equipment is an efficient and easy way to increase power.
  • For pet equipment enhancement in blue or higher colors, the three on the left side enhance the performance of the band and the three on the right side enhance the performance of the patron. Priority should be given to the three on the right side. Pets such as Mara, which are not used much in companion, do not need to be trained for canning on the left side.

How to get Chaos Particle

Pet Soul Stone Shop

Pet Soul Stone Shop

Sale of pet equipment

  • A small amount can be obtained from the sale of pet equipment from your inventory.
  • Extremely poor rate.
  • Deprecated. Consider if you get all pets need and still have a lot left over.



The Great Storm (Pet Event)

Root boxes

Boxy’s Gift
Demon Doll
Pet Gift
Chip Key
Pirate Key
Easter Key


Dominon Pets Bundle

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