[Hero Wars Guide]Pirate Key

[Hero Wars Guide]Pirate Key

Pirate Key Overview

  • Items available for Buccaneer Stash

Pirate Key Evaluation

  • There is a difference in the cost-effectiveness of the bundle depending on whether you play efficiently or open all the boxes.
  • The reason for the difference in cost performance is that the average emerald equivalent value of the grand prize (grand prize) and the merchandise (prize) are very different.
  • Efficient playing, estimated value equivalent to 433 emeralds per box.
  • For playing to open all boxes, estimated value equivalent to 292 emeralds per box.

Grand Prize (2022 results)

  • Chest of Supertitans x30
  • Lesser Hero Soul Stone Chest x1
  • Chaos Particle x250

Prize (2022 results)

  • Event Avator x1 or Goldx100,000
  • Random Crystal x20
  • Random Vibrant Crystal x10
  • Random Radiant Crystal x5
  • Random Insignia x10
  • Random Greater Insignia x5
  • Artifact Seal Chest x1
  • Intelligent Skin Stone x150
  • Streangh Skin Stone x150
  • Agillity Skin Stone x150
  • Artifct Coin x500
  • Titan Potion x500 or Event Flame x1 (random)
  • Essence of the Elements x1,000
  • Skin Stone Chest x10
  • Outland Coin x500
  • Tower Coin x500
  • Arena Coin x500
  • Grand Arena Coin x500
  • Flawless Artifact Essence x10
  • Flawless Artifact Scroll x10
  • Flawless Artifact Metal x10
  • Bottled Energy x1
  • Rare enchantment rune x4
  • Great enchantment rune x1
  • Titan Artifct Sphere x3
  • Summoning Sphere x1
  • Chest of Defender Titans x5
  • Chest of Marksman Titans x5
  • Chest of Support Titans x5

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