[Hero Wars Guide]Chest of Support Titan Skins

[Hero Wars Guide] Chest of Support Titan Skins

Skin of your choice Guide

The Chest of Support Titan Skins is a coveted reward available during the Golden Ticket event within the Mini-season‘s Nature Season. This guide will walk you through the details and benefits of this exclusive offering.


  • This chest offers a selection of Champion skins for Mairi, Ignis, and Avalon, making it a sought-after prize.
  • Please note that standard skins do not qualify for this reward.
  • In case you already possess the chosen skin, you’ll receive an impressive bonus of 60,000 Titan Skin Stones.


Contains Titan Skins for Mairi, Ignis, and Avalon. If you already own a selected Skin, you will get 60,000 Titan Skin Stones.

Champion Skins

Mairi Champion Skin

Ignis Champion Skin

Avalon Champion Skin


  • While the Champion of Support Titan may not always be the most practical choice, aiming for the Titan Skinstone might yield greater benefits.

Was there any impact from the addition of the Titan Skins?

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