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What Are Mini-Seasons?

  • Mini-Seasons are a series of four consecutive 7-day seasons.
  • Expect relatively modest rewards compared to regular seasons.
  • In addition to the standard season rewards, Mini-Seasons introduce the Vault, offering extra rewards accessible through Vault keys earned in each season.

Season Entrance Screen

  • The left section showcases the weekly mini-season.
  • On the right side, you’ll find the area to use keys for the main season (with one free chance per week for non-paying players and 11 chances per week for gold ticket holders).
  • Start by acquiring the key from the season rewards on the left, and then proceed to the right to participate in the draw.

The Vault (The Forgotten Treasury)

  • The Vault features 32 slots.
  • It contains the coveted Lesser Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere.
  • Slot contents remain consistent throughout the Mini-Seasons. Upon purchasing 3 Golden Tickets, you’ll receive Vault keys unlocking 33 slots, ensuring a Totem.
  • Once all 32 slots are opened, the contents reset. With the purchase of 3 Golden Tickets, luck might favor you with 2 Totems!
  • While luck plays a role, even free-to-play gamers have a shot at obtaining Totems.

Vault Keys (Archaeologist’s Tool)

  • You can acquire 1 Vault Key from each Mini-Season’s free rewards, totaling up to 4 keys.
  • Additionally, you can earn 10 Vault Keys through Golden Ticket rewards for each Mini-Season, granting a maximum of 40 keys.
  • During the fourth season, a bundle sale offers opportunities to obtain additional items. Note that this bundle has a purchase limit.

Golden Tickets

  • Golden Tickets are available for purchase each season at $14.99.
  • Each ticket includes 10 Vault keys (11 if you include the free one).
  • Buying 3 tickets allows you to open 34 Vaults: the first for all 32 slots and the second for 2 slots. The probability of obtaining a second Totem is 2/32.
  • With 4 tickets, you can unlock 44 Vaults: the initial 32 slots and an additional 12 slots. The likelihood of securing a second Totem is 12/32.
  • Golden Tickets can be gifted, but there are no discounts; only gift rewards are available.

Gifted Your loot

Season’s Quests

Mini- Season 1: Cosmic Season

Mini-Season 2: Ascension Season

Mini-Season 3: Nature Season

Mini-Season 4: Champions Season

Season’s Rewords

Mini- Season 1: Cosmic Season

Mini-Season 2: Ascension Season

Mini-Season 3: Nature Season

Mini-Season 4: Champions Season

Archaeologist’s Bundle

Official Message

Upcoming Season Details!

Hey everyone! We’d like to share some exciting news about the upcoming Season, which will start in the game on September 4 and will be available for players with team level 40 or higher!

  • First and foremost, the new Season will be unique: it will be divided into four independent mini-seasons, each of them will cost less than previous Seasons, lasting for a week, and, of course, will include the rewards we’re familiar with, including the main reward!
  • At the same time, the series of mini-seasons will have something in common: completing them will give you a chance (and a guarantee with Golden Tickets) to receive the main reward of the entire Season — a random Totem fragment.
  • Starting with the first of the four mini-seasons, a new resource will appear in the game — Season Keys, you will receive them along with other rewards over the course of all four weekly mini-seasons (both for free and with the Golden Ticket), which will collectively last for 28 days.
  • The Season Keys obtained during the mini-seasons can be used to unlock slots in the Vault — each of them contains valuable rewards, but one of them is a random Totem fragment! The Vault contains 32 slots, and you’ll need 32 Keys to open them, which you can obtain over three mini-seasons by purchasing Golden Tickets. But the main reward (random Totem fragment) can also be obtained for free — that depends on your luck!

Official FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

What are their rewards?

  • Q: What are these four mini-seasons about and what are their rewards?
  • A: There will be a stream this week — we’ll talk about the mini-seasons rewards, their themes, as well as the super prizes. Stay tuned for updates and join the stream!

How much will the Golden Ticket

  • Q: How much will the Golden Ticket for the mini-season cost?
  • A: The Golden Ticket price for each of the four mini-seasons is the same – $14.99.

Golden Tickets for all four mini-seasons at once?

  • Q: Will it be possible to buy Golden Tickets for all four mini-seasons at once?
  • A: No, each season will work as a separate season, so you’ll have to buy/gift them separately.

Golden Tickets as a gift

  • Q: Can I buy the mini-seasons Golden Tickets as a gift for my guildmates? 
  • A: Yes, you can, and you will get valuable resources in return, but there will be no gifting discount for these mini-seasons.

Get Vault Keys

  • Q: What is the Vault? Can I get a random Totem fragment (Lesser Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere) from it?
  • A: You’ve already seen Vaults in the game before (for example, The Cyber Vault) and its essence remains the same — the random Totem fragment prize will be waiting for you in one of the 32 Vault slots. Thus, the chance of getting a random Totem fragment is 1/32 and you might get it on your first attempt — that depends on your luck!

Guarantee getting a random Totem

  • Q: How many Keys will I need to guarantee getting a random Totem fragment? 
  • A: You will get 33 Keys in 3 mini-seasons with Golden Tickets and the Vault contains 32 slots, so you’ll need 32 Keys to open them all, this way you 100% get a random Totem fragment. 

Can I refresh the Vault ?

  • Q: Can I refresh the Vault once I get a random Totem fragment?
  • A: No, Vault will refresh automatically once you open all 32 of its slots, you can’t refresh Vault before that.

Can I will get 2 totems ?

  • Q: Will it be possible to get a random Totem fragment from the Vault after it refreshes?
  • A: Yes, it will be. You will be able to receive 33 Keys by getting 3 mini-seasons’ Golden Tickets, allowing you to try your luck and open one more Vault slot after the refresh. If you purchase the Golden Ticket for the fourth mini-season, you can get 11 more Keys, increasing your chances of getting a second random Totem fragment.

Totems exchange

  • Q: If I have all the Totems maxed out, will I be able to exchange Lesser Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere for Emeralds of gift it to another player?
  • A: Yes, you will be able to do that.

Get Vault Keys

  • Q: Will it be possible to get Vault Keys somewhere besides the mini-season rewards?
  • A: Yes, you’ll be able to get them from offers, but only during the fourth mini-season and the number of Keys that could be acquired this way will be limited.

F2P users can get totem ?

  • Q: Can I get a random Totem fragment from the Vault without buying the Golden Tickets?
  • A: You’ll be able to get 1 Key for free in each of the four mini-seasons, meaning you can obtain a total of 4 Vault Keys by actively completing tasks in all the mini-seasons — it doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive a random Totem fragment, but there is still a chance!

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