[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season All Rewards

[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords

Cosmic Season All Rewards

Main Rewords

List of Mini-Season 2: Ascension Season

LevelFreeGold Ticket
11 Archaeologist’s ToolEnergy Recovery x3 (5 days)
2200 Strength Skin Stone200 Choice of Crystal
350 Random Crystal1,000 Agility Skin Stone
4200 Intelligence Skin Stone3,000,000 Gold
550 Random Crystal1,000 Intelligence Skin Stone
6200 Agility Skin Stone225 Choice of Crystal
7300,000 Gold1,000 Emerald
85 Rare enchantment rune1,000 Strength Skin Stone
91 Qing Mao (30 Soul Stone)2 Archaeologist’s Tool
1010 Random Vibrant Crystal300 Choice of Crystal
11300,000 Gold1,000 Emerald
1215 Random Vibrant Crystal100 Choice of Insignia
131,000 Outland Coin2,500 Outland Coin
1410 Random Insignia100 Choice of Insignia
15200 Intelligence Skin Stone3,000 Arena coin
16500,000 Gold5,000,000 Gold
17200 Strength Skin Stone100 Choice of Insignia
181 Thea (30 Soul Stone)2 Archaeologist’s Tool
1920 Random Insignia100 Choice of Vibrant Crystal
201,000 Outland Coin10 Great enchantment rune
2130 Random Vibrant Crystal75 Choice of Insignia
22750,000 Gold1,000 Emerald
2335 Random Vibrant Crystal5,000 Artifact Coin
24200 Agility Skin Stone150 Choice of Vibrant Crystal
251 Artemis (30 Soul Stone)3 Archaeologist’s Tool
261,000 Grand Arena coin50 Choice of Greater Insignia
2730 Random Insignia5 Chaos Core
281,000 Outland Coin50 Choice of Radiant Crystal
292,000,000 Gold4 Bottled Energy
301,000 Artifact Coin100 Choice of Insignia
31250 Emerald25 Rare enchantment rune
3220 Random Radiant Crystal3 Archaeologist’s Tool
3350 Choice of Greater Insignia15 Eternal Seed
342 Ascension Box10 Ascension Box

Golden Ticket Frame Rewards


List of Other Mini-Seasons

Mini-Season 1: Cosmic Season

Mini-Season 3: Nature Season

Mini-Season 4: Champions Season


[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords
[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords
[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords
[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords
[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords
[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension season Rewords

Choice of Crystal

Choice of Insignia

Ascension Box

The Forgotten Treasury


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Season Guide

Event Guide


Same Name Season

Archaeologist’s Bundle


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