[Hero Wars Guide]Cosmic Season All Rewards

[Hero Wars Guide]Cosmic Season All Rewords

Cosmic Season All Rewards

Main Rewords

[Hero Wars Guide] Choose a Super Titan Reword

List of Mini-Season 1: Cosmic Season

LevelFreeGold Ticket
11 Archaeologist’s ToolEnergy Recovery x3 (5 days)
2250 Strength Skin Stone1,200 Strength Skin Stone
31,500,000 Gold8,000,000 Gold
4200 Emerald1,000 Emerald
510 Huge EXP potion50 Huge EXP potion
63 Summoning Sphere15 Summoning Sphere
720 Chalice of the Primordials (Flagment)60 Chalice of the Primordials (Flagment)
81 Mort3 Archaeologist’s Tool
9500 Arena coin2,500 Arena coin
101,000 Titan Potion5,000 Titan Potion
114 Titan Artifact Sphere20 Titan Artifact Sphere
124 Rare enchantment rune20 Rare enchantment rune
1340 Attack Seal200 Attack Seal
1420 Deadly Sting (Flagment)60 Deadly Sting (Flagment)
151 Rigel3 Archaeologist’s Tool
16250 Agility Skin Stone1,200 Agility Skin Stone
171 Traitor’s Crown1 Staff of Neutralization
1840 Defense Seal200 Defense Seal
19500 Grand Arena coin2,500 Grand Arena coin
204 Titan Artifact Sphere20 Titan Artifact Sphere
211,000 Titan Potion5,000 Titan Potion
22250 Intelligence Skin Stone1,200 Intelligence Skin Stone
2340 Balance Seal200 Balance Seal
241 Brustar3 Archaeologist’s Tool
2550 Random Crystal250 Random Crystal
261 Chaos Core4 Chaos Core
2740 Balance Seal200 Balance Seal
281,500,000 Gold8,000,000 Gold
29500 Arena coin2,500 Arena coin
3020 Echidna’s Dark Hex (Flagment)60 Echidna’s Dark Hex (Flagment)
3130 Skin Stone Chest150 Skin Stone Chest
32500 Emerald1 Archaeologist’s Tool
331 Solaris1 Super Titan of your choice
342 Cosmic Box10 Cosmic Box

List of Other Mini-Seasons

Mini-Season 2: Ascension Season

Mini-Season 3: Nature Season

Mini-Season 4: Champions Season


Super Titan of your choice

Contains Eden, Araji, Hyperion, Tenebris, and Solaris Soul Stones. If you already own the selected Titan, you’ll get 700 Soul Stones.

[Hero Wars Guide] Choose a Super Titan

Cosmix Box

The Forgotten Treasury


Official Live Stream

Play Guide

Season Guide

Event Guide


Same Name Season

28 days

30 days

Archaeologist’s Bundle


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