[Hero Wars Guide]Skin Stones

[Hero Wars GUide] Skin Stones

What is a Skin Stone?

  • Used to enhance and obtain a hero’s skin
  • There are three types corresponding to the hero’s main stats (Strength, Ajility, and Intelligence).
  • Others, There are Skin Stones for Titans.
  • Mainly available in Outland, Skin Stone Chests, and Bundles.
  • The Skin Stone Chests can be obtained as rewards from Outland events and ToE. Also available as rewards at seasonal events, such as new skin implementation events.

Positioning of Skin Stones as an upgrade way

  • As a hero upgrade resources, it tends to be the second most scarce after Asgard resources.
  • Cost-effectiveness is poor, and the contribution of strength per emerald spent is second only to Asgard resources.
  • When playing without paying, this factor, along with Asgard,  pets, creates a power gap with those who pay. However, a range where long-term play can catch up.
  • Significant enhancement factor for specific stats only. The most important adjustment factor in the upgrade process. Easy to show the thoughts of each player.

As a way to obtain Skins

  • Except for Winter Skins and some Stellar Skins whose availability is limited, any Skin can be obtained with 5,000 Skin Stones.
  • Most standard way to obtain Skins.
  • In most cases, it is slightly more economical to buy emeralds and Skin Stones at the Emerald x4 Sale than to buy Skins directly.

Examples : Skin Stones are rewarded events

Regular Events

Time of the Fearless

Guardians of Outland

Seasonal Events

January-February: The Winds from the East

Chinese New Year. Lunar Skins is added.

February: Time to Love

Valentine’s Day. Romantic Skins will be added.

March: Ode to Beauty

A spring Skins will be added.

April: Time for Pranks

Fancy dress Skins will be added. Event name is different every year.

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