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[Hero Wars] Seasons System Updata

Updates to Season Event Specifications

Previous Season Events

  • Started when players reached a specific team level.
  • Irregularly held for 30, 31, or 14 days.
  • Played individually, allowing each player to participate based on their own circumstances.
  • If unable to log in and started later than others, the start date would be continuously shifted.
  • Certain rewards, such as beach skins, were not made available again.

Upcoming Season Events

  • Will commence on a specific date; however, teams below level 40 will not be eligible.
  • Last for 28 days, with a few rest days in between.
  • All players will begin simultaneously; if currently participating in another season, you can start the new season after the current one ends.
  • If starting later than others, the missed quests will be automatically cleared, enabling you to catch up.
  • All rewards will be made available again.

So far and from now on

[Hero Wars Guide] Updates to Seasons Specifications


Based on interpretations of the official description, including estimates.

Unplayed Seasons

  • Q: What will happen to the seasons that have already been played?
  • A: The season with the old specifications will continue until August 1. After that, it is presumed that they will be discontinued, and a new season with new specifications will begin.

Rewards from Previous Seasons

  • Q: What will happen to the rewards from the old season that were only available in the previous season?
  • A: Details are currently unknown, but it has been announced that some considerations will be taken.

Beginner Considerations

  • Q: Will there be a season for beginners, like the Astral Season, with cheaper gold tickets and a focus on the rewards we desire at the beginning of the season?
  • A: It is currently presumed that there will be no such season. It is presumed that everyone will play the same season uniformly.

Handling of Mid-August Finishers

  • Q: What will happen to those who finish their current season in the middle of August?
  • A: The season with the new specifications will start midway through the ongoing season. The end date will be the same as for those who started earlier. At that time, quest rewards for the time not played will be automatically compensated. In other words, catching up.

Level Limitations for the New Season

  • Q: Will there be a team level limit for the new season with the new specifications?
  • A: Only team level 40 will be applicable. Individual limits, as seen in the past, will not be in place. There may be exceptions, but the system will ensure that “everyone plays the same season on the same schedule.”

The above FAQ is a read-across from the official description of what seems to be a lot of questions. Please keep in mind that this is not an official FAQ.

Currently Undecided

  • Whether Lian’s and heroes existing beach skins will be included in the rewards for the new season system.
  • Whether previously existing season events will be removed from the game as non-replayable (this is likely considering the intention).
  • The ture designation for the season, such as “Season Events”, “The Season”, “Seasons”, etc., appears undecided at this time.

Official Announcement

We’d like to share some important news about the upcoming changes to the Seasons system, which will take effect from August 1:

  • The next Season in Dominion (starting on August 2) will begin for all players who have reached level 40 and do not have an active Season.
  • If you have an active Season when a new Season starts (August 2), the new Season will start as soon as you finish the active one, it will not interrupt it. Don’t worry, even if you join the new Season after it starts, the Season experience will be compensated as if you had completed all the previous quests up to the current ones (including those available upon purchasing the Golden Ticket). This way, you won’t miss out on Season rewards!
  • New and subsequent Seasons will last for 28 days, with a few days of break between them. We will continue to notify you in advance about the start of the Seasons, so you won’t miss anything!
  • The main rewards from past Seasons will reappear in subsequent Seasons, giving you the opportunity to obtain them if you haven’t done so before!
  • These changes are designed to address both the ongoing updates to Seasons and related gameplay mechanics, as well as the convenience of players who weren’t able to gift a Ticket due to active Season differences. Further Seasons, their appearance in the game, and the order will be the same for all players.

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