[Hero Wars Guide]Champions Season All Rewards

[Hero Wars] Champions Season Rewords

Nature Season All Rewards

Main Rewords

List of Mini-Season 4: Champions Season

LevelFreeGold Ticket
11 Archaeologist’s ToolEnergy Recovery x3 (5 days)
25 La Mort’s Card (Flagment)10 La Mort’s Card (Flagment)
3100 Strength Skin Stone300 Strength Skin Stone
4500 Outland Coin1,000,000 Gold
55 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)10 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)
6100 Agility Skin Stone300 Agility Skin Stone
750,000 Gold300 Emerald
85 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)10 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)
910 Lycanthrope’s Fang (Flagment)2 Archaeologist’s Tool
1020 Flawless Artifact Metal10 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)
11300,000 Gold3 Great enchantment rune
125 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)500 Arena coin
131,000 Outland Coin10 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)
14150 Emerald20 Huge EXP potion
155 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)500 Grand Arena coin
16500,000 Gold1,000 Artifact Coin
171,000 Artifact Coin10 La Mort’s Card (Flagment)
1820 Lycanthrope’s Fang (Flagment)2 Archaeologist’s Tool
195 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)10 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)
20150 Agility Skin Stone400 Emerald
2120 Flawless Artifact Essence300 Strength Skin Stone
22750,000 Gold10 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)
2315 Huge EXP potion1,000 Arena coin
24150 Intelligence Skin Stone300 Agility Skin Stone
2510 Rare enchantment rune3 Archaeologist’s Tool
26500 Grand Arena coin1 Chaos Core
2710 Primarch’s Grasp (Flagment)10 Dragon’s Heart (Flagment)
281,500 Outland Coin300 Strength Skin Stone
292,000,000 Gold20 Flawless Artifact Essence
301,000 Artifact Coin1 Bottled Energy
31200 Strength Skin Stone5 Great enchantment rune
322,500,000 Gold3 Archaeologist’s Tool
331 Hero Soul Stone Chest1 Gift of the Dominion
342 Champions Box10 Champions Box

Golden Ticket Frame Reward

List of Other Mini-Seasons

Mini-Season 1: Cosmic Season

Mini-Season 2: Ascension Season

Mini-Season 3: Nature Season


Gift of the Dominion

Champions Box

The Forgotten Treasury


Official Live Stream

Play Guide

Season Guide

Event Quests


Same Name Season

Champions Season (30 days)

Champions Season (28 days)

Archaeologist’s Bundle


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