[Hero Wars Guide]Nature Season All Quests

[Hero Wars]Nature Season

Task List

Here are all the quests for the Hero Wars event, Nature Season.
I’ve listed them in calendar format.
Techniques for completing them all are available on Related page.(page end)

* Gold ticket required : Daily-4

Week 3

1 Use 5 Divination Cards in the Guild Dungeon Take 150,000 magic damage in the Arena Level up the Physical attack glyph(2) Earn 3 stars in 5 Campaign missions Earn 600,000 gold at the Tower Open 9 chests in Outlands Complete 150 missions Make 65 purchases from the shop
2 Complete 1 summons in the Summoning Circle! Enter the game chat and create 1 challenges for a battle of heroes or titans Spend 500 Outland Coins Level up a Marksman hero’s Gift of the Elements(1)
3 Win in the Arena mode using a Healer hero(1) Take 150,000 damage in the Campaign Level up a Tank hero’s skin(2) Send a message in the guild chat(1)
4 Use EXP potion(5) Level up a Support hero’s skill(10) Level up the Armor glyph(2) Defeat a Marksman hero in the Adventure mode(2) Defeat a Mage hero in the Tower mode(25) Complete 15 summons in the Summoning Circle!
5 Level up a Mage hero’s skill(25) Complete 7 daily quests Defeat Dark Star 2 times in the Campaign Defeat 60 monsters in Chapter 7
6 Deal 150,000 damage in the Tower Open 7 chests in the Tower Level up the Magic attack glyph(2) Level up the Health glyph(2)
7 Upgrade any titan by 1 levels Heal your heroes for 150,000 in the Arena Level up a Marksman hero’s skin(2) Send a sticker in the chat(1)

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