[Hero Wars Guide]Pet Potion

[Hero Wars Guide] Level Up Pet

Pet Potion

  • Item used to level up pets.
  • Obtained mainly through adventures and pet event.
  • Direct exchange for Emeralds is possible, but not recommended as it is a waste of Emeralds.
[Hero Wars Guide] Adventures Rewords

Get more potions

  • Direct exchange for emeralds
  • Same as Energy, acquisition cost increases with the number of exchanges per day.
  • The amount obtained is fixed at 1,000 regardless of the amount of emeralds used.


  • 1st time: 100
  • 2nd time: 100
  • 3rd time: 150
  • 4th time: 150
  • 5th time: 200
  • 6th time: 200
  • 7th time: 300
  • 8th time: 300
  • 9th time: 400
  • 10th time: 400
  • 11th time and after: 500

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