[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week01

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week01


Upcoming Events

Lunar Skins on The winds from the East

Corvus and Morrigan will get new Lunar Skins this week! With new Skins, Corvus will obtain bonus Magic Defense while Morrigan will gain bonus Armor!

[Hero Wars]Luner Skin 2023

Lunar Skins for the third one..

The third one is a new hero and is coming a little later this year!

Compensated by Shining Ascension

After the release of a major update on January 6, you have been affected by an incorrect description of the “Shining Armor” quest chain. We apologize for the inconvenience – please accept these resources that you expected to receive for the quest and continue your journey in Dominion!

Minor updates to Guild Dungeon

  • The titans in the dungeon’s mix room have been changed again.
  • The theory is that this is not a regular change, but due to the unpopularity of the fire titans enemy teams.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

About CoW Updata news 1

  • Q. nice to know ,so we can start planning tmrw itself map and buffs will change for the entire CoW map i think
    And immediately after a sleepless sunday nigth, prepare for planning attacks, withour the ability to test against buffed buildings (i hope not, but no updates were given yet in this regard
  • A. No, there won’t be any guild battle updates by the start of the season, the developers are working on them and they will be released later during the season. However, there will be a couple of CoL features right from the start, the ones that were planned way before and that still might prove useful for many guilds. More on that tomorrow.

About CoW Updata news 2

  • Q. Do you guys actually talk to people that play the game? Your changes for season 2 change nothing.
  • A. This is not the whole list of changes, and the main change was announced earlier: reducing the number of battles each week to two. Which was by far the most frequent suggestion.

About CoW Updata news 3

  • Q. (About Victory Points) this should be 750?
  • A. Nope, that’s the amount of Victory Points you can get for full map clear. Remember that the amount of the VP received for each team and for capturing each fortification was increased too, so overall the proportions stay the same

Nexters should change CoW rewards

  • Q. Nexters should change CoW rewards as follows:
    1. Cut the CoW Trophy price of the existing rewards by at least 50%.
    2. Add a “Red” box that improves a red armor character by one level, that is R0 to R1 or R1 to R2 or R2 to R3. The CoW Trophy price for this box shall be set to 2500
    3. Add the ability to purchase the armor/weapons
  • A. Hi! We don’t plan any drastic changes to CoW rewards like this one for the start of the second season, but maybe developers will decide to add some additional rewards along the season as they did during the first Season. Thank you for the feedback

Building buffs into chat battles

  • Q. Are there maybe any news about the implementation of building buffs into chat battles?
  • A. Nothing specific just yet, I will share the news as soon as we get them

Any updates about the dungeon?

  • Q. Any updates about the dungeon? Even the ones in our guild with maxed out classic titans are complaining about it.
    I don’t know, how something like this can happen. No tester, no quality control? It’s terrible, really, that’s how some more players are pushed away.
  • A. Hey! The initial investigation didn’t show a thing, everything looks exactly the same it was before. We told the team that you are still reporting certain changes, so they might look into that once more. But as of right now – there is no solid evidence or clear traces of what you are reporting.  I will let you know if there will be updates!

4th outland boss

  • Q. Yo can we have a 4th outland boss? it gives X amount of skin stone of your choice when you beat it, would help with the outland chest quests!
  • A. As of right now, the Outland mode is complete and is not the focus of the development team right now, but I will write this one down for the future, they might add it to the backlog.  It feels like If we will decide to make any changes, these changes are likely to be either of a much smaller or much bigger scale (eg. making level 160 bosses repeatable for fun, or full mode rework)
    To clarify: I am not saying that we are planning to implement such changes anytime soon. I am just saying that with these older modes very modest or very bold changes are more likely than half-solutions like keeping everything as it was but adding one more Boss.

Will there be any NEW PvE introduced to web edition this year?

  • Quick question: Will there be any NEW PvE material(s) introduced to web edition this year? IF the Development Teams need ideas, they can look no further – just watch the latest Ads the marketing department put out on Youtube,
    e.g. .
    Those are actually very interesting games to watch & play, even though the main hero is always, you guessed it, Galahad.
    Is it possible to bring in such game modes to HW web edition,
    1) as the Development Teams re-work/improve on Galahad? In addition to the Brawl event, can we see such action mini-game where players can gain additional bonus stats and NEW weapons (introducing additional weapons to enhance/swap)?
    2) as NEW heroes/pets are introduced? Instead of the standard 7-day “work the map” event, can we have a mini-game intro?
    3) as the Development Teams introduce NEW and Better Items for the CoW store? Can we have such mini-games to purchase and share with guildmates?
    4) as add-on to major annual events, like the Summer Fest, Spooky Fest, etc.?
    Many thanks for your kind consideration and for revealing specific details regarding HW PvE news!
  • Hi! It’s a bit too early to say, but I will share your request with the dev team (and with the marketing team too, I think :D), it’s not out of the table.
    I would say that it’s more likely than the addition of a new big PvP-mode – Arena, GW, and CoW feels more than enough at this point even for the PvP-focused players.
    So some PvE additions are possible. But, once again, too early to tell just now.

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week01

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 11


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