[Hero Wars Guide]CoW Second Season

[Hero Wars] CoW Second Season

Second Season of Crash of Worlds

Second Season Overview

  • Second season start date is Monday, January 16, 2023.
  • No CoW games for 3 weeks from December 26, 2022 to January 14, 2023.
  • QoL will be upgraded from the first season.
  • Improvements will be made to the ranking system starting from the first season.
  • Detailed updates will be announced by officials in the future.

Official announcement

2022.12.24 : Clash of Worlds News

  • The first Clash of Worlds season is coming to an end, and after that, you will have time to rest and enjoy the holidays! The Clash of Worlds will resume with the second season on January 16!
  • That’s not all the news about the Clash of Worlds’ second season, we will share more details next week!
  • See you in Dominion!

2022.12.30 : More news about the second season of the Clash of Worlds 

  • More news about the second season of the Clash of Worlds which will start on January 16: 
  • The change you’ve been waiting for! Instead of 3 battles per week, there will be 2 battles. Each battle will last 3 days so that you have time to capture all the fortifications. Sunday will still be a day off. 
  • Because of the lesser number of battles per week, the number of ratings received will be increased: 750 extra ranking points for a win, and 375 ranking points for a draw.
  • Thank you for actively sharing your opinion and helping us make the game mode better! We will tell you about other changes in January 
  • See you in the game!

2023.01.12 : More Clash of Worlds News!

Hi everyone, we are here to share new details about the second season of the Clash of Worlds!
With the number of battles being reduced from 3 to 2, we are changing a few numbers:

  • The overall number of Victory Points in battles was increased to 7500;
  • We’ve increased the number of points given for defeating any team in any fortification and for capturing the whole fortification;
  • The bonus for capturing a fortification with a buff is increased too;
  • Of course, we also increased the amount of Clash of Worlds Trophies gained for battles!

There will be also some fortification changes:

  • The Lighthouse now requires 5 teams for defense (was 4), and now this fortification has a buff that becomes more potent with each Support hero defending the Lighthouse;
  • Both the Barracks and the Mage Academy now require 3 teams for defense instead of 5;
  • The Citadel requires 8 defending teams instead of 10 now.

That’s not all the news for the Clash of Worlds this week, later we will be back to tell you about the new QoL features that will become available in the mode starting next week, so stay tuned!

2023.01.13 : Clash of Worlds Improvements!

Hi everyone, here is an update on the upcoming quality-of-life features that will be introduced into the game on January 16! With the start of the second season of the Clash of Worlds, there will be quite a few improvements:

  • The Clash of Worlds mode will get its own dedicated guild chat for better coordination. Apart from the usual functionality there, you will be able to see the assignments you were given and their status, information on whether the assigned to you point is available for attack or not, as well as some general information on the current war progress. There will also be a notification system that will let you know when you get an assignment or when the point assigned to you becomes available for attack.
  • You will be able to switch to the assigned attack point right from this chat, and there will be a quick and easy way to get into the logs from the channel.
  • There is a new guild role created specifically for the Clash of Worlds — a Commander. Only the Guild Master and Commanders will be able to give assignments for the Clash of Worlds battles. Unlike the General role, the Commander role won’t give any additional guilds permissions outside the Clash of Worlds mode, so they won’t be able to kick guild members, for example. With the start of the season all Generals will be also granted the Commander role automatically!

Guild Masters will now have additional settings while planning the attack and defense in CoW:

  • While planning an attack they now can forbid guild members from attacking positions that were not assigned to them or forbid them from attacking those positions that were specifically assigned to someone else.
  • In defense planning GM can forbid anyone other than Commanders to manage defense assignments.
  • Also, everyone will be able to see other people’s assignments on the map, so it will be easier to understand that a certain point is assigned to someone else already.|

We’ve also updated the Clash of Worlds attack planning tab, so Commanders will have additional functionality:

  • While choosing the attacker they will now see specific teams (corresponding to defense teams): the assignments are now can be given to these teams, but if a player wants to build a separate dedicated team for an attack he also can do so!
  • We’ve updated the team info tab: now it also shows overall Team Power (if a certain hero or Titan from the shown team was used already and is now unavailable, you will see the updated Team Power), shows the Pet Patrons for each hero and shows Totems for Titan Teams.
  • In this updated attack assignment menu Commanders also can use filters that will let them see only the teams containing a certain Hero, and for Titan Team they can filter teams using specific Titan or Totem.

The start of the second season draws close, and during the weekends we will tell you more about how the Guilds will be distributed across the leagues at the start of the season!

2023.01.15 : Second Season Starting Ranking

  • Hi! Tomorrow will start the second season of the Clash of Worlds, and today we want to tell you how the guilds will be distributed among the leagues at the start of the season!
  • All the participants of the first season will be redistributed over the Baron and Viscount leagues, and their starting position will be dictated by their ranking in the first Clash of Worlds season. So, for example, the strongest guilds of the first season will start next season in the Division 1 of the Viscount league.
  • Also, we want to tell you about one more quality of life improvement, that we almost forgot to mention in our previous post: now Commanders is able to see the owners of which teams are currently online when picking the teams for attack assignments. That should make it easier to find a guildmate that can fight right away!

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