[Hero Wars Guide]Crash of Worlds Team-Up

[Hero Wars] Clash of Worlds Begins

Basics of Team-Up Theory

Defense Teams

  • Thoroughly utilize the buffing mass.
  • If you only have one or two team, have at least one team of x5 buffing heroes.
  • Recommended team pets are Axel, Khorus, Oliver, and Albus.

Attacking Team

  • Assemble the first attack team considering that the same Hero and same Titan can only be used once.
  • The attacker can only reuse the pet, but not the defender. Fight based on the number of pets attached to the attacker based on the number of defenders on the field.
  • Utilize a formation of less than 4 unit, such as Lian solo in the Hero battle or only 4 earth x4 to attack the water team in the Titan battle.

Under-upgrade Heroes

Take advantage of heroes who are not fully upgraded. Some heroes have that aptitude.


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