[Hero Wars Guide] Titan’s Totem-Less Teams

Super Titan Teams

  • Building a team around a Super Titan might enable you to defeat a totem-focused team without a Totem!
  • The following is a summary of Combat training results against standard (Max power) teams.
  • It isn’t exceptionally strong, but it can be a solution for those struggling to strengthen their totems. Even if you’ve been playing Hero Wars for an extended period, it’s quite common for your totem to remain weak, especially if you’re a free-to-play (F2P) player. In these situations, there have been instances where players felt compelled to quit Titan Battle. I believe this tool can address, if not completely resolve, some of those challenges.

Practical Uses

  • When facing an unbeatable opponent in Cross-Server Tournament of the Element (ToE). ToE opponents’ power is influenced by your team’s upgrade status, making this strategy particularly effective.
  • Guild Wars.
  • Clash of Worlds(CoW), in some situations.

Tips for winning and losing

  • The Eden pattern involves a game of luck to determine who goes to the cellar, often referred to as the ‘Eden Gacha.’
  • The Nova Tank pattern’s outcome can be influenced by adjusting the timing of Nova’s skill activation. The necessity of this adjustment depends on their current power.
  • Manual adjustments to the activation times of other Titan skills can also impact the overall outcome!

Important notes

  • This result was obtained without activating the totem on the attacking team but with the totem status increase granted!
  • If player really doesn’t have a totem, there is a penalty for that status.
  • If the opposing team is at a certain level of completion, the same result will not be possible due to the status difference.


If you’re determined to construct this team, keep in mind that only you are aware of your win rate, considering the status adjustments from your totem training. Asking others won’t provide a definitive answer! However, the Super Titans are not something you can afford to lose by raising them! Be cautious not to set overly high expectations for this team and maintain a realistic mindset!

Combat training Results

Water 4 + Araji

Fire 4 + Hyperion

Earth 4 + Araji

Light 4 + Tenebris

Dark 4 + Solaris

Light 3 (Rigel Iyari Solaris) + Dark 2 (Bruster Tenebris)

Dark 3 (Bruster Mort Tenebris) + Light 2 (Iyari Solaris)

Sumple 1: Auto

[Hero Wars Guide] Titan Totem-less Team

Sumple 2: Manual only,Nova timing is adjusted.

Earth 3 (Angus Avalon Eden) + Light 2 (Iyari Solaris)

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