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Basic Guide

  • Once your team level reaches 30, you can join a guild!
  • One of the most important features unlocked when you join a guild is the Titan!
  • Titans can be used in Guild Battles, CoW, Guild Dungeons, and ToE.
  • Unlike Hero Battles, where you use Heroes or Pets, Titan Battles involve fighting with Titans and Totems.
  • The scope of activities is limited to those related to the guild, but compared to Hero Battles, the difficulty of upgrading maximum power is lower. Some players prioritize Titan reinforcement and choose a play style that contributes to the guild primarily through Titan Battles.
[Hero Wars Guide] Guild titans

About F2P Players

  • Totems play a crucial role in Titan Battles, and there are limited ways for free-to-play (F2P) players to acquire them.
  • There are five types of totems, each with six levels of improvement, and most of the ways to obtain them are random.
  • Therefore, compared to Hero Battles, Titan Battles pose more limitations for players who do not spend money.
  • Currently, totems are also needed to progress through the dungeon, so if you are not spending money, you will often choose the Water Totem first!
  • For F2P play, going Totem-less is one of the more realistic options to use against your opponent.
[Hero Wars Guide] Titan Totem-less Team

Technical Guide

The Best Titans Tier List

Titan’s Meta Teams

Titan’s Totem-Less Teams

Water Titans Battles

Dark and Light Titans Team

Titan’s Order Rank

Upgrade Guide

Titan Stat and upgrade strategy

Comparison of the Elements

The First Titan Team

Titan Soul Stone

Titan Level

Titan Skin

Titan Artifact

Difference 5 Elements Titans


What is Guaranteed Totem Drop

Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere


Totem Level

Double Totem System


Riotous Growth

Elemental Synergy

Night and Day

Light and Dark Artifacts

Foundations of Power

Clash of the Titans



#3 Brustar’s Brawls


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