[Hero Wars Guide]Astrid and Lucas

[Hero Wars] Astrid and Lucas

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  • A princess who fights with her partner, Lucas, one of the main characters in the campaign story.
  • Lucas is a cat in they default skin, a mysterious animal that transforms into a dog, bear, rabbit, or griffon when the skin is changed. Note that Lucas is not part of the pet system.
  • Astrid and Lucas function as a rear DPS and subtank. When Lucas transforms, she acts as a tank, preventing attacks for a certain number of times.

Strengths and Teaming Theory of Astrid and Lucas

  • Astrid can generate debuffs with their normal attacks and are compatible with Vex‘s Patron, wearing down Sebastian‘s debuff cut just by being around her.
  • The first artifact provides an armor buff, unique among DPS heroes, allowing for a build that maintains uninterrupted armor buff.
  • All attacks and skills are single-strike, allowing for a build that prevents the enemy from gaining extra gauges.
  • Astrid is a single-attack DPS, and Astrid generates no small amount of debuffs himself. This makes her a good match for control heroes, and she excels in delay warfare.
  • High base armor penetration allows them to defeat tanks without penetration buffs.
  • In scenarios where a control team initiates an attack, the attacker tends to rely more on magic. If the tank is Rufus, defeating his becomes challenging. Astrid, being a physical DPS without the need for penetration buffs, can efficiently act as a finisher against Rufus.
  • Shares the same special gauge as Isaac, overriding Jorgen‘s gauge inhibition.
  • Lucas, their partner, blocks a certain number of attacks, effectively preventing Ishmael‘s quadruple critical damage and Iris‘s pure damage.
  • Overall, Astrid and Lucas serve as a counter to teams featuring heroes like Rufus, Dante, Ishmael, Iris, and Sebastian.
  • They are less affected by counter skills and synergize well with Dorian‘s Bloodsucking Buffs, making them effective against heroes like Corvus and Helios.

Disadvantages of Astrid and Lucas

  • Limited to attacking one person as DPS, and most of their skills are relatively weak.
  • Lacks the breakthrough power of Ishmael and struggles against solid opponent defenses, leaving the lead tank stranded.
  • Possesses a special gauge, but it lacks the acceleration of Isaac’s gauge. Slow skill turnover and inability to keep up with the evolving battle environment.
  • The first artifact, an armor buff, is challenging to apply a second time due to Lucas’ transformation mechanics.
  • Lucas’ transformation, while a strength, hinders gauge accumulation at the front of the line. It is also incompatible with the Axel.
  • Astrid’s weakness in combination with Lucas’ transformation delay makes her susceptible to defeat before Lucas can intervene.
  • Although they have a stun, its short duration (0.1 seconds) limits its impact.
  • Despite having no significant weaknesses, Astrid and Lucas are slow to activate skills, exhibit weak hitting power, and can be easily overwhelmed. They struggle against heroes like K’arkh or Dante unless well-supported by the team composition.
  • Overall weakness makes them a less optimal choice for defense teams, but in certain scenarios, such as a factory defense team in CoW, they can serve as a countermeasure against Ishmael.
  • Regarded by some as the weakest hero, and there is validity to this claim.

Practical Knowledge of Astrid and Lucas

Beat Rufus Dante teams: Astrid and Lucas style

Astrid and Lucas teams

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Lucas Collection

Default Skin

Demonic Skin

Spring Skin

Romantic Skin

Solar Skin



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