[Hero Wars Guide]Beat Rufus Dante Iris: Astrid can 20 wins and 0 losses

[Hero Wars Guide]Beat Rufus Dante teams: Astrid and Lucas style

How to Defeat Rufus Dante in Hero Wars Dominion Era


Rufus, Dante, Sebastian, Iris +1 is renowned for his role in formidable teams, but there is far from invincible. In this guide, we’ll explore a strategy utilizing Astrid and Lucas that proves highly effective. These heroes possess the capabilities to secure an impressive 20 consecutive victories in combat training.

Unlocking Potential in Hero Wars

Hero Wars accommodates even the seemingly weaker heroes. While the game emphasizes specialized upgrade, selecting the most robust hero is essential. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that even ostensibly weaker heroes have distinctive combat styles. Despite their limitations, they can still excel in their own right. This guide is tailored to players who have chosen to invest in heroes like Astrid and Lucas, finding enjoyment without prioritizing high DPS heroes such as Dante and Ishmael.

Roles of Team Members

  • Astrid and Lucas: These hero serve as finishers, neutralizing Sebastian’s debuffs, applying vital armor buffs, and ultimately vanquishing the opponent’s Rufus.
  • Rufus: Armed with Biscuit’s Patron effect, Rufus counters the opponent’s Sebastian’s debuff cut while resiliently enduring Iris’s onslaught.
  • Arachne, Jorgen: A master of delaying the opponent’s actions, Arachne and Jorgen excels in creating advantageous phases for the team.
  • Phobos: An expert in delivering the final blow, Phobos targets the opponent’s Dante with precision.
  • Companion Pet: This loyal companion acts as a strategic countermeasure for the opponent’s rear guard.

[Hero Wars]Rufus[Hero Wars]Arachne[Hero Wars]Jorgen[Hero Wars]Astrid[Hero Wars]Phobos

Battle Patterns

Pattern 1 (Dorian)

Engage in combat while strategically utilizing Biscuit to obstruct Dorian‘s recovery support.

[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Rufus Dante for Astrid style_1

Pattern 2 (Martha)

Employ Biscuit to disrupt Martha‘s recovery support while maintaining the offensive.

[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Rufus Dante for Astrid style_2

Pattern 3 (Fafnir)

With Oliver in the forefront, withstand Fafnir‘s firepower support while actively engaging in battle. While Axel is generally favored for damage mitigation, in the face of relentless debuff-based assaults, Oliver may prove the wiser choice.

[Hero Wars Guide] Beat Rufus Dante for Astrid style_3

Youtube Video Version (Astrid’s Insight)

Supplemental Information

It’s important to clarify that this guide does not specifically recommend upgrade Astrid and Lucas, nor does it assert their innate superiority. Instead, it aims to serve as a reference for players who have opted to invest in these heroes, finding enjoyment in the game without necessarily prioritizing great DPS heroes like Dante and Ishmael.

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