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The Year of the Rabbit and Lucas

  • This year is the Year of the Rabbit in the Oriental zodiac.
  • Among our heroes, we are one of the few to have a rabbit avatar.
  • Although Astrid and Lucas are such heroes, many people say they are the worst heroes in this year of the Rabbit!
  • Let me write down my personal opinion.

Why are Astrid and Lucas called the worst?

  • They can only attack one of the opponent’s vanguard, but they don’t have the breakthrough power like Ishmael.
  • The first artifact is armor, but due to the nature of Lucas, once you put it on, you almost can’t put it on a second time
  • Lucas’s ability to transform is his specialty, but it hinders the accumulation of gauges at the front of the line.
  • Lucas’s transformation is its strong point, but often Astrid is defeated before it transforms. Slow and weak at being hit.
  • Has a stun, but it lasts only 0.1 seconds

So Astrid and Lucas are useless?

  • Personally, I have used them more than 10 times in CoW and won almost all of them by defeating Dante and Ishmael (only one time up…).
  • As of January 2023, as a result of the widespread use of Iris, the combination of Rufus and Dante is widespread and needs to be addressed. The combination of Rufus and Dante is difficult to win consistently because Rufus does not die from magic and pure damage and Dante dodge physicals. So we attack with a control hero. And incorporating Astrid, who is a good match for control, will be a finisher against Rufus.
  • As of January 2023, Ishmael, who has a high risk of being followed up if he fails to defeat a player, has gained a certain popularity in defensive teams*. Astrid and Lucas, who are resistant to heavy damage to the lead, can serve as its soft counter.
  • When two teams want to take charge of defeating Rufus + Dante for the above reasons, it is possible to leave one side to Morrigan and attack the other side with Astrid

*: There is even a term “Ishmael’s Hell” because there is a situation where if the first one fails in a bad way, no matter who follows up the attack, it will fail.

Examples on CoW battles

vs Rufus Dante

vs Rufus Ishmael

Are Astrid and Lucas weak?

  • Yes, they are weak.
  • However, Hero Wars is a game where even the weakest heroes have their place, and if you study the heroes that work well with them, you can find a use for them.
  • If you choose to upgrade Astrid and Lucas, you may get a white eye from your Guild Master.

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