[Hero Wars Guide]Polaris

[Hero Wars] Polaris


  • Chosen as the year-end hero for 2023.
  • Characterized as a mage and control type.
  • Exhibits traits of hybrid heroes: Iris, Nebula, Amira, and Jorgan.
  • Introduces an energy gain blocking skill, potentially serving as a counter against dodge-oriented heroes.
  • Magical attacks are employed, yet Isaac might not possess a suitable countermeasure.
  • Expected to excel primarily in offensive formations; however, utility in defensive setups may also be possible.
  • The effectiveness of Polaris hinges on the numerical strength of its skills, and its overall utility will be contingent on the quantity of skills it possesses.

Why Polaris Might Not Succumb to Isaac’s Strength

  • The 4th skill provides a debuff that hinders opponents from accumulating gauges when Polaris inflicts magic damage.
  • If this debuff is applied before the magic damage, particularly affecting Isaac’s gauge, Polaris may prove resilient against Isaac.
  • The true assessment of its strength or weakness awaits verification.

Regarding the potential of Polaris as a potent DPS

  • In Hero Wars, the damage dealt is directly proportional to the gauge given, leading to the dilemma of match pumping and making victories challenging. However, Polaris, with its capability to inflict damage while hindering gauges, opens up the possibility of constructing a team that can overwhelm the opponent unilaterally. It’s important to note that certain conditions, such as dependence on debuff cuts, exist, making it impractical to expect effortless victories when employing Polaris.
  • The susceptibility or resilience of Polaris against Isaac remains uncertain.
  • Polaris may likely struggle against Rufus, necessitating support from Morrigan and Jet to mount a more effective challenge.

Skill Descriptions Extracted from the Official Trailer

1st Skill – Pulsing Comet

  • Summons an attacking unit behind the opponent.
  • The attacking unit gradually returns to Polaris.
  • Manual control allows the player to halt the movement of the attacking unit.

2nd Skill – Glacial Portress

  • Conjures a shield that can withstand three attacks and possibly inflicts a slowing effect.
  • Activating the shield boosts Polaris’ energy.
  • Upon shield expiration, a magic attack is unleashed.

3rd Skill – Northern LIghts

  • Aurora emerges above the opponent, likely indicating a field-type.
  • Extends the control effect on the target.
  • Reduces the likelihood of the target being hit by skill attacks (probability likely depends on Polaris’ magic attack).
[Hero Wars] Polaris Skill 3 Northern LIghts

4th Skill – True Freeze

  • Deals damage with the first and second skills, causing nearby enemies to freeze.
  • Frozen enemies cease to gain energy.
  • Frozen enemies become vulnerable to magic damage and resistant to physical damage.

These observations are based on the information gleaned from the official trailer, and a comprehensive evaluation awaits hands-on experience with the system.

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