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Winterfest 2023 Updates

  • Winter skins for Corvus, Morrigan, and one more hero are in the pipeline.
  • A new skin is set to be introduced for the Dark Light Titan.
  • Stricter measures against cheaters have been hinted, surpassing the leniency of previous years.

New Hero Polaris Arrives!

  • Iris and other crucial heroes join the year-end hero lineup.
  • A control-type mage akin to Amira. Primarily a magic attacker, but might belong to a category where Isaac cannot effectively counter!
  • Check out the gameplay trailer available now.

New Hero Oya Debuts in the Mobile Version

  • Oya, the latest addition, emerges as the year-end hero for the mobile edition.
  • Historically, the web version frequently introduces heroes to the mobile version in February and March of the following year. Oya is anticipated to be among the potential candidates for the upcoming additions.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Rewards Table in The Legacy of The Great Ones

  • Q. thank you for making this event USER FRIENDLY in the beginning….but the GAP between 400 to 800 and 800 to 1700 is TOO BIG. PLEASE CONTINUE the 100 increment so MORE users can get MORE rewards. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. If you like this post. PLEASE put a star too! THANK YOU
  • A. Hello! Reported

Odd Quests in the Soul Atrium of the Lian Event

  • Q. I’m accumulating Soul Crystals waiting for an event that requires me to obtain hundreds of Soul Stones.
    Now would I have to waste almost all of them just to have access to the ability to spend Emeralds in the Soul Atrium for the Lian Event?
  • Why aren’t there two separate x10 buttons (like Titan Artifacts)?
  • A. That’s a valid question. We will discuss it with the devs.
Lessons on Love
Soul Atrium

Banning Illicit Users During the Winterfest

  • Q. I’ve previously communicated an important issue to the Hero Wars developers.
    But disappointingly, the developers did absolutely nothing.
    You don’t seem to realize the seriousness of what I said at all.
    I would like to mention this important issue again.

    I am currently playing Hero Wars and I am one of the heavy users
    Currently, Many users are running a campaign to “Create 1,000 accounts (level 30)” ahead of Christmas.
    Of course, this illegal activity may be operating “account factories” not only our country but also in many other countries.

    Why do you think so many users create so many game accounts?
    When a user creates an account, they can collect 10,000 emeralds or 50,000 bubbles through the Christmas event.
    In other words, he can get 10 million emeralds or 50 million bubbles through 1000 accounts.
    He sends the collected items to his main account through “gift giving”.
    And in order to avoid investigation by game developers, the main account is transferred to another server after the illegal activity is completed.
    They say that then they can avoid investigation and tracking by developers.

    Last year, Our guild members did this.
    They obtained numerous game items without spending any cash.
    They were able to raise more than “Hero power 2million ” with items collected through 1,000 accounts.

    Do you think this is justified?
    I spend tens of thousands of dollars playing the game,
    but they are enjoying huge benefits without any penalty, very easily, without spending any cash at all.
    But what’s even more surprising is that even when I report this cheating behavior to the developers, they don’t ban or block the cheating users.

    I say it again!!
    Please stop their cheating!
    And find those who are doing illegal things and ban them all!!
    If you leave those illegal users unattended again this Christmas, I will no longer be playing the Hero Wars game. ​
  • A. Hi! That’s an important issue, and thank you for bringing it to light repeatedly. For now, we plan to ban abusers from the Winterfest Presents Ranking, and also ban the from all the future similar Winterfest events without any chance for future “amnesty” or pardon.

    Furthermore, while I can’t offer any guarantees at the moment, we are exploring additional penalties for these abusers, including permanent account bans and other types of restrictions

Julius and Mushy will appear January

  • Q. What happened to adding Julius and Mushy & Shroom to the Hero Soul Stone Chest, it was supposed to be done weeks ago and still nothing.
  • A. According to the latest info they will appear in the second half of January.
Mushy and Shroom
Hero Soul Stone Chest

Bring Back the Red Equipment Chests

  • Q. please bring us back the red item chest 1. You are giving out several chests of type 2. The seasons, the mysterious islands… but we barely need the items. When we are paying for the gold ticket or the island subscription, then I expect better rewards.
  • A. Hello! I’ve passed your concerns on that to the devs.
Equipment Chest

Removing Patterns Costs a Whopping 5,000 Emeralds

  • Q. It has been leaked that to unequip a maxed pattern it will cost 5k emeralds seriously nexter???

    Why the freak do you make unequiping a pattern so expensive when wealready have to pay a lot to upgrade them???
  • A. Yes, I informed the developers about your expressing these concerns. Let’s see what follows from this

I wanna know the % on each pattern

  • Q. additionally I wanna know the % on each pattern
  • A. Hi! we will think about how to represent it more clearly. thx.

Combat Training Set to Support War Flags

  • Q. Great idea with the war flags in COW! </irony> Since there is no way to test thoose battles in CT, you have once again made it easier for thoose using 3rd party apps that can handle testing with this already, giving honest guilds a huge disadvantage. Great work as usual, Nexters!
  • A. Understandable. Devs are planing to update the Combat Training as soon as possible.
Combat Training
War flags

CoW Shop Lacks Desirable Items for Hardcore Players

  • Q. When will we get a update to the COW Shop? There is not much useful for strong player
  • A. Hi! Yep. agree. I’ve informed devs about it.

Give us the filter in all hero selection windows

  • Q. give us the filter in all hero selection windows like tests and war attacks etc. multiple selection should be allowed
  • A. Hello! Designers really love this idea. And they are planning to implement it in the future.

Restore the Combat UI to Its Original Design

  • Q. What the heck is this garbage? Why is the x5 button a million miles away from the heroes and the auto button? Please ask dev.s to fix this and return it to normal! Also a notification that changes have been made before I log in and go right to my Guild Wars fights would be nice!
  • A. Regarding the UI changes. They are not final. We get a lot of feedback about it.

Can you please implement the QoL features / fixes

  • Q. Thanks Nexters for fixing the hero screen layout as per the starboard requests.
    Can you please implement the other quality of life features / fixes that people have been asking for months. Here are a few key ones…

    – Release all Asgard minions on Monday rather than drip feeding them each day. No one bothers attacking them until Thursday currently.
    – Increase the server side timeout for Asgard boss attacks from 3 mins to 5 minutes or more. 3 minutes is simply not enough if you are manually playing the fight with Isaac ulting non stop and this can cause you to have your carefully played fight resolve on auto due to server side timeout.

    – Fix the interface for generals assigning attacks to guild members in CoW. Stop making us assign attacking teams from the defense teams. It is annoying for generals and misleading for guild members. Just allow us to choose the player and see ALL their remaining heroes / titans (whether they are part of defense team or not) and OPTIONALLY choose 0 to 5 attacking heroes/titans we recommend to be part of their attack.
    – Allow generals to lock buildings or slots in CoW and GW so that guild members cannot attack them
    – Allow generals to put notes on buildings or slots in CoW and GW.
    – Give us a Red Gift of Dominion in the CoW shop for 5000 tokens or less (the calculation I posted earlier shows this is actually worth 4970 tokens)

    – Ability to assign heroes to all expeditions with a single click. Ability to collect all expedition rewards with a single click. Currently these two operations require about 70 clicks.
    – Ability to toggle off skins, glyphs, skills, items, asgard ascension nodes for heroes. This would allow us to ungimp heroes that we have permanently destroyed by levelling them too much.
    – Fix the new VF so it does not force auto subscription and you can pay in your selected currency rather than USD. Give us options for longer periods with discount for periods longer than a week.
  • A. Hello! Yep, That’s a wishlist of recurrent QoL features. I’ve reminded the devs about it on our Monday meetup. Hopefully, they will begin to address them starting next year.

We need the chat section on Guild War map

  • Q. We need the chat section on Guild War map just like it is on CoW map. Communication is key for the win!
  • A. Hello! I’ve added it to the QoL wishlist.

Time to visit some special restaurant!

  • Q. Time to visit some special restaurant!
    You can keep eye on the following.
    Going to restaurant and then:
    Getting the menu,
    See what delicates are offered
    Order what interestes you most
    Get served what you ordered!

    And then compare this to nexters experience.
    Menu nowhere to be found.
    Only ocassionally staff informs of what is offered.
    You make plans on previous deals.
    You notice the offers are changed and you cant rely on old deals.
  • A. Sorry, but I’ve currently lost the ability to understand poetry and allegories, so if you could elaborate more specifically on which aspects you think need improvement, I would appreciate it. In my humble opinion, we make every effort to inform the gaming community. A year ago, this wasn’t the case. Yes, there might be occasional inaccuracies, but we are working on improving that.

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week49

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 13

CoW: Season 5 Temporary Place 20


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