[Hero Wars Guide]Letter to Winter Claus

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Letter to Winter Claus Overview

  • One of the events held during Winterfest.
  • May be performed at any time during the period.
  • Choose 3 gifts from 10 candidates. No re-selection is allowed.
  • The designation is fixed at three. You can’t choose just a totem to receive.
  • You will receive one of the three gifts at the end of the year.
[Hero Wars Guide]Letter to Winter Claus

List of gifts and Estimated value in terms of emeralds

  • Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere x1 : 200,000 emeralds
  • Pet Soul Chest x50 : 21,500 emeralds
  • Clever x1 : 20,000 emeralds
  • Chaos Particle x2,500 : 17,500 emeralds
  • Titan Artifct Sphere x350 : 15,750 emeralds
  • Hero Soul Stone Chest x3 : 12,000 emeralds
  • Emerald x10,000 : 10,000 emeralds
  • Chest of Supertitans x250 : 10,000 emeralds
  • Bauble x50,000 : 10,000 emeralds
  • Large Skin Stone Chest x50 : 9,600 emeralds(VIP5 – VIP15)
  • Golden Raid Ticket : Priceless (VIP0 – VIP4)

Supplemental Gifts

  • Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere : Can be exchanged for Emerald x200,000 or transferred to any player when all totems are complete.
  • Pet Soul Chest x50 : Can be exchanged for Pet Soul Coins x5,000 when a completed pet is specified. This is equivalent to Chaos Particle x357.Only in this case, a little loss. Not recommended.
  • Cleaver x1 : If you already have a Cleaver, you will receive Soul Coin x50,000. This can yield Orange Equipment Fragments x610 or Jet’s Soulstone x50.
  • Chest of Supertitans x250 : If you specify a completed Super Titan, you can exchange it for Titan Soul Coin x12,500. This is equivalent to x25,000,000 gold.
    Not recommended.

Rumors about gift selection

  • If you choose a Golden Raid Ticket, you will always get a Golden Raid Ticket.
  • If you don’t have a Totem and you choose a Totem and you don’t choose a Golden Raid Ticket, you will always get a Totem.
    Therefore, if you are just starting out, you should receive a Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere as a gift before you draw a Totem, then spend 45,000 emeralds on the altar, and then use the Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere.
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Event History

  • Wed, 25 December 2019 (7 days)
  • Fri, 25 December 2020 (7 days)
  • Fri, 24 December 2021 (8 days)

Concurrent Events

Reward Explanation


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