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Pet Soul Chest

  • Obtain 5 Soul Stones for the pet of your choice.
  • Contains fewer stones compared to the Hero Soul Stone Chest.
  • There are opportunities to obtain a large quantity of them during the Great Storm (pet event).
  • By playing the Great Storm approximately six times, you can acquire one pet.


  • Go to Inventory > Consumables > Click on an item > Use > Select a hero on the following screen > Press Use.

Regarding the Addition of New Pets

  • When a new pet is introduced, it will be added as a summoning target for this item after a certain period of time.
  • The addition of new pets may occur for this item before they can be summoned.
  • In previous instances, all new pets have been added to this item.

How to Use

  • Pet Soul Stones can be used at any time without considering Daily Quests since there are no Daily Quests available at the time of writing this article.
  • Pets always have the potential to draw the grand prize. It is best to use only the minimum amount necessary when you are certain to achieve a star-up to avoid wastage.

How to Obtain a Pet Soul Chest

  • Opportunities to obtain them are extremely limited compared to pet eggs.
  • They are mainly obtained during the Great Storm.
  • They are also included in some quest rewards during A Portal Anomaly.
  • They are available in certain bundles.

The Great Storm (Pet Event)

A Portal Anomaly (Pet Event)

Dominon Pets Bundle

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