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[Hero Wars]Keira


  • Keira is a female ghost soldier whose normal attack consists of a two-strike general attack that hits all enemies.
  • Like Jhu and Ishmael, she is an attacker type character who focuses on normal attacks.
  • Her second skill increases attack speed, her third skill turns her attacks into an overall attack, and her fourth skill grants her a double attack (with pure damage). This skill structure specializes in enhancing normal attacks.
  • Keira excels at winning battles against opponents with higher power, making her suitable for the arena but less commonly used in Guild War or CoW.
  • She is a physical DPS character but is countered by many heroes and is not ideal for defensive teams.

Keira’s Strengths and Team Formation Theory

  • Unlike Ishmael, who requires transformation, and Juu, whose skill activation is slow, Keira relies on her passive skills to enhance her normal attacks, allowing her to unleash full-throttle attacks right from the beginning of the battle, making her an incredibly fast attacker.
  • As soon as the battle starts, she launches a series of two attacks against all enemies.
  • Critical hit chance plays a crucial role in her success, and she greatly benefits from support heroes like Julius, Yasmine, Sebastian, and Jet, who can increase her critical rate.
  • Jet’s support is particularly effective, thanks to his passive skill that grants a critical rate from the start of the battle. Additionally, Keira’s pure damage reduces the risk of Rufus reviving.
  • By positioning Keira just before Dorian, she can often benefit from the vampirism buff. Combined with her multiple attacks, this synergy is highly effective, allowing her to maintain maximum Health unless subjected to stuns or similar effects.
  • Her first skill is almost insignificant, and Jorgen‘s skills are mostly ineffective against Keira. She can be considered a Jorgen counter.
  • Placing her immediately after Andvari is effective, and this combination can easily function as a counter to K’arkh. Most K’arkh teams can be defeated by using the popular team formation known as Blender.
  • Overall, her attack prowess is valuable in campaign strategies.
  • Keira’s overall attack characteristics make her extremely effective in boss battles with numerous enemies, such as those found in The Great Storm.

Disadvantages of Keira

  • Without critical support or in the case of critical misses, Keira can become a mere energy provider and be rendered ineffective. Unfortunate circumstances often lead to situations where she is unable to contribute. Particularly when facing evasive heroes like Dante, efficient countermeasures are necessary.
  • Regardless of effort, Keira heavily relies on luck and is not well-suited for Guild Wars or CoW.
  • Her 10-hit normal attack makes her vulnerable to counters from Corvus. However, this issue can be mitigated by including Dorian in the team composition.
  • If Keira receives critical support, her normal attacks can be countered by Helios. However, this problem can be addressed by having Isaac as a teammate.
  • Due to her general attack, Keira is susceptible to counters from Lian. However, to some extent, this can be countered by heroes like Khorus and Julius (although Sebastian’s effectiveness is hindered due to his large number of moves).
  • Despite being positioned relatively close to the front line for a marksman, Keira lacks durability and often dies instantly without being able to contribute.
  • Although Astaroth and Fafnir can help mitigate the instant death problem, they often prove ineffective, especially when paired with Astaroth.
  • Keira can be teamed up with Aurora, Tristan, Nebula, and Fafnir without relying on critical hits. However, in many cases, it is easier to achieve victory by pairing her with other physical DPS heroes.
  • Despite dealing pure damage, it is triggered by physical damage generation. As a result, Keira is ineffective in squares that nullify physical damage during adventures. Additionally, her DPS performance is greatly reduced in squares that nullify pure damage.

Flavor Text

Captain Keira once was one of the best royal guards who has fallen in battle against Morth Chrone. The demon of war has resurrected young guard and turned her into a ghost foredoomed to suffer and wander about till the end of times.


Blade Whirlwind

  • Keira launches a whirlwind of blades. The blades reach the furthest enemy and then return, dealing damage to enemies as they fly and silencing them for 4 seconds on their way back.
  • Hit damage: 37,039 (30% Physical attack + 50 * Level)
  • Chance to silence is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Enraged Soul

  • Keira’s speed increases for 5 seconds.
  • Attack and skill speed increased up to 300%

Dancing Blades

  • Passive skill. Keira’s basic attack can ricochet between enemies. The ricocheting blade deals 25% of basic attack damage on each hit.
  • Chance to ricochet is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Piercing Pain

  • Passive skill. If the enemy’s armor is lower than Keira’s armor penetration, her basic attack deals extra damage.
  • Extra damage: 16,680 (10% Physical attack + Level x 50)



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