[Hero Wars Guide] Keira Will Become Stronger!

[Hero Wars] Keira Will Become Stronger

Keira’s Update Explained

  • The update for Keira has been announced!
  • There are three major enhancements
[Hero Wars] Keira Ascension Skill

Shortening of the first skill animation

  • Keira’s first skill’s prolonged activation animation was a significant bottleneck.
  • With this update, it has been announced that it will be reduced from 1.95 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
  • This is not an ascension skill, but an enhancement provided in a reworked manner!

Why is this upgrade important?

  • Keira is a hero focused on normal attacks, featuring a two-strike general attack that hits all enemies.
  • Keira’s first skill, due to its extended animation, limited the damage she could inflict on her opponents over time.
  • Keira’s primary winning strategy involves fearless energy presentation through relentless attacks.
  • Consequently, there was a strategy to win by disabling auto-attacks and letting the Keira perform normal attacks, rather than activating the first skill.
  • With this update, the first skill, previously considered best left unactivated, has been improved, and it is anticipated that the strategy of its regular activation will become more prevalent.

Ascension Skill: Undying Enraged Soul

1 resurrection + after resurrection, she becomes a buff target for Morrigan and Corvus.

  • Keira is relatively vulnerable when positioned at the front, often leading to instances of instant defeat. Additionally, she was not well-suited for synergy with Astaroth’s resurrection skill, making her a hero not typically associated with secure victories.
  • While the Ascension skill must be unlocked, the new resurrection skill will significantly enhance her usability. It is noted that she is invincible during resurrection, which may result in a rather lengthy resurrection animation (this could be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the assumed opponents).
  • There is a mention that she becomes undead after resurrection, though she wasn’t exactly living to begin with…? (There was a phrase in the official statement indicating that this was a compromise, suggesting they are aware of this potential criticism.)
  • The effect of becoming undead after resurrection implies that she can receive firepower support from Corvus and recovery support from Morrigan. The addition of a resurrection condition is understandable, as triggering it right from the start of a battle could potentially disrupt the game’s balance. Further contemplation suggests that an offensive strategy intentionally targeting Keira at the outset might be effective!
  • Possibly, even with this skill, if the opposing team includes Morrigan, it may prevent her from resurrecting.

Undead – Corvus : Strike of the Damned

[Hero Wars Guide] Strike of the Damned

Undead – Corvus : Unity of the Damned

[Hero Wars Guide] Unity of the Damned

Undead – Morrigan : Bone Armor

[Hero Wars Guide] Bone Armor

Undead – Morrigan : Moonlight

[Hero Wars Guide] Moonlight

Ascension Skill: Raging Blade Whirlwind

Activating the first skill automatically triggers a buff for the second skill, which can also be stacked.

  • The second skill is an acceleration buff and Keira’s primary skill. With this effect incorporated into the first skill, the rate of gauge accumulation is also increased, potentially allowing for a near-constant state of activation.
  • Until now, Keira’s first skill had limited utility, but now even that skill can serve as a support effect for normal attacks, reinforcing Keira’s effectiveness.
  • It will now be able to independently accelerate its own gauge accumulation. Therefore, it is believed that a strategy of setting one’s own pace, akin to Aurora and Dante, will become effective.
  • On the other hand, thus far, Keira has had the advantage of being able to attack regardless of the first skill’s gauge. However, with this new skill in mind, one must be cautious of Jorgen‘s gauge-blocking ability.
  • Balancing pacing and defense will be a challenge. Your sense of team composition may be called into question!

Looks powerful, but not easy to get

[Hero Wars Guide] Get Raging Blade Whirlwind

Extra: Official Synergy

Based on the timing of the announcement, it is probably an official synergy with Vex.


Official Game Message

Keira Will Become Stronger!

Keira will obtain Ascension Skills and get stronger — here you can read everything about her improvements that will take effect next week!

Undying Enraged Soul on Ascension Rank II: Keira revives once a battle with 15% of her maximum Health, turning into an Undead until its end.

  • Upon death, Keira revives the same way as Astaroth does, being invulnerable during reviving animation.
  • After Keira revives, she becomes an Undead and obtains synergy with Corvus and Morrigan, but not before.

Raging Blade Whirlwind on Ascension Rank IV: Once the Blade Whirlwind returns, Keira gets the Enraged Soul buff for 2 seconds. 

  • In that case, Keira gets the Enraged Soul buff without casting animation.
  • If Keira gets an Enraged Soul buff while she already has another active Enraged Soul effect, the duration of the buffs will stack.

Last, but not least, Keira’s Blade Whirlwind casting time has been reduced from 1.95 seconds to 1.2 seconds, allowing Keira to deal damage to enemies more quickly.

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