[Hero Wars Guide]Morrigan

[Hero Wars]Morrigan

About Morrigan

  • Support and healer specializing in undead.
  • Skill activates on Corvus, Phobos, and any skeletons she summons.
  • Apart from these, there is a fourth skill that turns dead enemies into skeletons, which is the main one. This skill can completely nullify Rufus and Astaroth’s resurrection skills while Morrigan is still alive.
  • Morrigan can also form an undead team with Corvus and Phobos, but the synergy is not that strong. As a result, they are often paired on different teams in real life. Nevertheless, undead teams have a way to beat Rufus Dante Iris‘s meta team in a stable manner, and they have a place in the game!
  • Anyway, there is a strong aspect of a hard counter to Rufus Dante: a player who can beat a million-power Rufus Dante three times by himself in CoW will usually use Morrigan to attack one team. The reason this is not a hard counter to Rufus is that against Rufus Ishmael, there are cases where using Jet with armor buff and recovery inhibition is better than Morigan.
  • It is also a strong counter to Astaroth, but unlike against Rufus, the necessity of using Morigan is much lower.
  • Morrigan has armor penetrate buff, the speed of its normal attacks is slow, and it is hard to feel that they are sufficient in both timing and frequency of activation. Compared to Elmy, Chin Mao, and others, it is less suitable as an armor penetrate attack support role.
  • High durability on its own and can be put to good use even with small power. If Rufus is in a anti physically buff square in an adventure, she should be upgrade to a certain extent.
  • If it has high own durability and is finished to a certain extent, it can fight quite well even if it is placed at the head of the pack. Especially if you support evasion buffs with Heidi and others, they can maintain a good enough front line against Dante.
  • Basically, it is an attack team member to attack Rufus Dante, and there is not much use for it in a defense team.
  • Although Morrigan is a hero with extremely limited use, Morrigan is very active in the current environment due to the very high rate of Rufus use by players.
[Hero Wars]Morrigan

Flavor Text

Unable to accept her father’s death, Morrigan frantically searched for an opportunity to bring him back to life. The angels warned her the price would be extremely high, but she was willing to pay it. Now that Corvus has been resurrected by dark magic, nothing will drive this family apart ever again.


Army of Graven

  • Morrigan summons 3 Undead skeletons to her side to fight in the front row. She can control up to 6 skeletons at any given time.
  • Skeleton health: 174,337 (130% Magic attack + Level x 190)
  • Skeleton attack damage: 37,782 (30% Magic attack + Level x 25)

Bone Armor

  • Morrigan temporarily boosts the defense of Undead allies, increasing their armor and magic defense as well as healing them.
  • Armor and magic defense bonus: 24,971 (20% Magic attack + Level x 15)
  • Healing: 70,553 (50% Magic attack + Level x 100)


  • Morrigan heals an Undead ally if their health drops below 20%. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds for each ally.
  • Healing: 135,350 (95% Magic attack + Level x 200 + 4,000)


  • Increases damage dealt by allied skeletons. Whenever an enemy dies, Morrigan summons their skeleton, even if they attempt to resurrect.
  • Damage bonus: 21,416 (15% Magic attack + Level x 30+ 1,450)
  • Chance to summon a skeleton from a fallen enemy is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Conflict between Morrigan and Resurrection Skills

Rufus Rakashi’s Oath

Astaroth Last Word



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