[Hero Wars Guide]Patch: Morrigan’s Skeletons

[Hero Wars]Morrigans Skeletons Are Fixed

About the Morrigan Patch

  • For a long time, Morrigan’s skeleton was considered only as durable as a decoy.
  • Buffs, etc., were not applied according to specifications, and inquiries were not answered very well.
  • With this patch (FIX), the attack performance has been slightly improved compared to the previous version.

Will Morrigan be a DPS after this patch is applied?

  • It is not enough attack performance to be called DPS, but it can beat Iris in 1:1.
  • It is better to interpret it as a firepower support that may serve as a slight damage source depending on the team.
  • As for armor penetration support & near-line dps, I think there are many cases where Qing Mao and Elmir are more suitable as they have been in the past.

Official report: Morrigan’s Skeletons Are Fixed

Important news! We fixed the interactions between Morrigan and her Skeletons, as previously they were sometimes incorrect, and now the princess of the undead became a little bit stronger!

  • Previously our internal formula for calculating damage from Skeletons’ physical attacks was incorrect and that influenced the interaction with the Necromancy skill: the Necromancy Physical attack buff wasn’t properly increasing the Skeletons’ damage.

Now we’ve fixed that issue. The basic damage from Skeletons’ physical attack hasn’t changed, but they now can properly benefit from Morrigan’s Necromancy skill and do more damage when their Physical Attack is increased.

  • Now Skeletons can attack while under the Silence effect.
  • After one of the recent patches Morrigan’s Skeletons became unaffected by the activation of her Raven’s Skull artifact. That was a mistake and was fixed, so now her Skeletons gain the Penetration Bonus from Raven’s Skull activations once again.


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