[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week19

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week19


Upcoming Events

I don’t know why, but at the moment, Cyber-Con is being prepared to start on Tuesday!

Rigel and Bruster can summonning

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Cheating by taking advantage of the protection measures of invalid battles

  • Q. You punish people that have a browser crash with an auto battle already. And I think that happens hundred if not thousans times more often. I have not seen it happen one time in several years that I had an invalid battle result. But browser crashes happen frequently. Especially when you play on a mobile device. Why is it a problem to handle these few cases the same way as the much higher likely case of a browser crash where you don’t get your attempt back either?
  • A. The invalid battle, when not caused by third-party software, is usually our fault and our responsibility, in one way or another. We can’t take responsibility for your internet connection or your device and software, but with an invalid battle, it’s a different story. Browser crashes are something that was always very easy to simulate, so we never wanted to open up this area for exploits. With invalid battles, it’s still much trickier to do, and we were hesitant to punish players who got their invalid battles because of us.
    But I see that this inconsistency could be a problem, and that will be a topic for discussion with the developers. Leaving room for major exploits was never a part of our plan, so if it is still there, and it impacts all the fair players, we will close it. It seems like we didn’t quite manage to do that with the first attempt, but we will iterate on our solution and will be back with a better one if needed.

How about some new stickers?

  • Q. How about some new stickers? Especially for the heroes that have been added to the game since the last sticker was added in chat. Thank you.
  • A. Hi! Nice idea! Our designers’ team is heavily loaded with tasks rn, but I’ll ask them if they can work on some new stickers when they will have some spare time.

Beach skins so us older players can get it

  • Q. Any info what will happen to beach skins so us older players can get it!
  • A. The Beach Skins are meant to be exclusive rewards. However, I understand the players’ desire to get ‘em and will address it to the developers once again.

Add adventures 14 to 16

  • Q. here comes my next try to suggest adventures 14 to 16.
    for 14, add maxed asgard tree. for 15 also add maxed ascension on top of that. for 16 also add maxed pets including patronage.
    14 could have same rewards as 13, just better drop rates for CP.
    15 same drop rates as 14 but more CP.
    if drop rates are fixed somewhere deep in the code, ofc just lift the rewards, no need to make it complicated.
  • A. Hi! I’ll pass your suggestion on to the game designers.

We want new events that are fun to play

  • Q. We want new events that are fun to play, like the brawl, titan brawl, magic tree and aurora/heroes story centric ones already seen in mobile.
  • A. Hello! Thanks for your interest in the game! I mentioned the previous week that Developers of desktop and mobile versions of the game share their experiences and ideas and note best practices, so it is possible that some event formats will appear in the desktop version as well, and our team can also come up with some original event formats, updating our event rotation is one of the team focuses right now.

Main Updates


Hero List by Main role







Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week19

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 11

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 10


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