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Overview and Answers

Official responses have been provided for the QA conducted in August 2023.

Key Points

  • Not all questions received definitive answers.
  • Answers were reached through team discussions.
  • Some questions couldn’t guarantee specific responses.

Response Summary

Important Points

  • Plans to address Dante‘s excessive strength.
  • Update of Valkyrie’s favor.
  • No additions of new game modes or guild raid bosses are planned for this year.
  • Consideration for future developments, but no set schedule
  • Quality of Life (QoL) updates for Guild War and Clash of Worlds (CoW).
  • QoL upgrade for Guild Raids.
  • Updates for Guild system.

No Planned Future Developments

  • Addition of a BLP to the Black Sphere. But additionally, there is consideration for enhancing totems availability, as demonstrated in the previous mini-seasons.
  • Email address change.

Policies are under consideration

including whether or not to provide support, but it won’t be offered this year

  • Exploring options for resource opening.
  • Classification of Keira as undead.
  • Addition of titan skin stones to the Titan Soul Shop.
  • The introduction of a hard mode for the campaign.
  • Specifications for server migration.
  • The option to reset status.

Official FAQ Content

  • Hey everyone! Sorry we made you wait for so long. You’ve raised a lot of tough questions, and we were discussing them a few times with different team members and producers of Hero Wars: Dominion Era. Some of the questions we were able to answer clearly, many of them – not so much.
  • The team had a few rounds of discussions, and it became pretty clear that we don’t want to promise anything that we can’t guarantee right now, but we want to make sure to differentiate the things that we do plan to address at some point and things that we were not even considering doing just now. So you know where we can potentially go in the future, and what we are unlikely to do anytime soon.
  • So, with that in mind, here are some answers to your questions.

Titles are tailored to the content.

BLP in Black Sphere

  • Q: Is it possible for the totem Bad Luck Protection to be set as opened spheres instead of emeralds spent? It’s ridiculous that some players open 1000s and 10s of 1000s of spheres over the years without getting anything. Let’s say the average bad luck protection is 300k emeralds. That’s the equivalent of approximately 6700 spheres. Why not set BLP as 7000 spheres? Or even 8000?
  • A: We’re looking for the means to make Totems more accessible to players but not through the second BLP system. We don’t promise any specific decisions at the moment, but you’ve seen already some of the steps towards that in the previous Season, where everyone had a chance of getting a Totem.

Guild Wars: Quality of Life (QoL) Update

  • Q: I would like to see better assignment options in guild war, like assigning buildings as “priority” and buildings as “don’t attack”, and being able to assign multiple people on the same thing (like whoever comes online first)
  • A: We know that guild war and Clash of Worlds can be tiresome endeavors for generals and guild leaders sometimes. We want to tackle some of that in the future and we’re discussing it with the team, but we are not ready to share any details or dates.

Raid Button in Minions Battle

  • Q: Can we PLEASE get a Raid Button for the Asgard Minions?! It’s fun figuring out teams to get the max valour points, but once you have such a team it’s just a really boring chore. A Raid button, please.
  • A: No immediate updates are planned for Asgard. There are some other QoL features on the table right now.

Resources Opening Options

  • Q: Would you consider to let us chose how many <whatever> you open? E.g. eggs, if I have more then 10 I can only open 10. But I might wanna save up, however I want to get the daily reward for opening one.. So I’d like to have it either like it is in some shops or mabe more buttons: open 1 ; open 10 ; open 100 ; open all
  • A: We might consider implementing that, but there are some inherent risks tight to that from our side, and in any case in terms of QoL-updates we would love to tackle some other areas before considering this one.

Improvement of Guild War Command

  • Q: Can we get some better generalling UX for guild war? Right now when someone attacks a spot they are not allocated to, they remain allocated to their original spot and you need to check the war log and the general commands and manually un-allocate people. Surely this can be automated. It would also be nice if non-generals could see who is allocated where, gives a better feeling for how the war is run
  • A: Guild war UX is on the list of QoL features we would love to work on, but we don’t have the timeframe for that right now. 

Why Isn’t Keira Classified as Undead?

  • Q: Why isn’t Keira an undead category? Its design and its description clearly define Keira as an undead, but Keira does not have the category. It would be more consistent and make the character more interesting.
  • A: As we’ve explained before, character lore is not the only thing we consider when choosing a Hero’s “special role”, there is also a question of balance in play. But we know that many of you would want to see Keira being officially typed as Undead, and we will see what we can do about that! We might have an interesting compromise in mind that you will see this year

Dante is Too Strong

  • Q: When will the dodge mechanics be addressed in Hero Wars Dominion Era? Currently as it stands, there is pretty much zero incentive to play any other physical damage dealer than Dante, because Dante is so common on every server and he simply laughs at any attempt to try anything other than him as a damage dealer. There are so many interesting heroes left untouched because of how dominant Dante is.
  • A: We know you call us Dante Wars for that. We plan to address that this year. We don’t plan to nerf Dante directly, but we want to give you an incentive to play other heroes and introduce some ways to counter Dante. But the dodge mechanic itself won’t be changed in the near future.

Artifacts of Darkness and Light

  • Q: When will the fragments of the artifacts of darkness and light be on sale to the merchant
  • A: They were added since the question was asked

Addition of Titan Skin Stones to Titan Soul Shop

  • Q: May you consider the “Titan’s skin stone” as a regular offer at Titan Shop? 😀
  • A: The Content team is against it for their own reasons, but we’ll ask them to think about it again.

Update of Valkyrie’s Favor

  • Q: Valkyrie Subscription: hope to have 15 days, 1 month, 3 months options The longer the subscription, the cheaper it is (this is also the case in our daily life, the longer the subscription, the cheaper it is) And the renewal time can be extended, for example, if you want to renew the subscription for 1 month, you can have 5 days
  • A: The longer you have a subscription – the more artifact coins you get. We think it’s fair enough. We have plans to update sub this year to make it more accessible and easy to use to new players, but not the way you described.

Availability of Tenebris and Solaris

  • Q: There is a question in what perspective can we expect a chance to get Tenebris or Solaris again. They are still not available in the Summoning Orbs, and many players simply could not catch the events with them. When will they be available again?
  • A: They are available already

Fan Festival and Free Totems

  • Q: Once a year, “the big event (1 week) for all players. This event doesn’t require you to spend real money (I repeat, it’s the special event for loyal players), you don’t need emeralds, you don’t need to spend energy, you don’t you need to open 300 thousand boxes in outland, you don’t need to spend hero soul stones.It is completed through daily quests, such as fighting every day 5 times in the arena or grand arena, joining an adventure every day (out of 7 days of the event), open 3 outland chests every day, and any other daily mission that we can do every day. Therefore it would be an event, to thank all those players who are part of Hero Wars, a kind of gift that the company makes For all those who play daily I understand that an event of this nature, which benefits all players (especially those who can spend less monetary resources) would not ruin the company.
    I know they say a question but I will ask another. Every time you turn a year in the game, shouldn’t players cover some more interesting gifts and it’s not just a frame? How would a totem be, every time you turn one year old? Is it asking too much? I have been playing for almost 3 years and I have 5 totems (3 of these totems paid for by buying seasons) at this rate and at 48 years old, I think I will never see my main totem at its fullest.
  • A: We have done a lot of changes to the events so that they’re more accessible and rewarding for everyone. We also work on the events that will be more fun and entertaining – you’ll notice the difference. No plans to do events without offers, however, we have thousands-dollars per minute operational costs and most of the players play for free anyways.
    We’ll see how we can address loyal players more and make your life better. Liveops and Content teams have you in mind all the time in their development process. And just in case, WE DO NOT promise Totem give-aways!

Addition of Joining Restrictions to Guild

  • Q: Can we get a guild invite or at least entry restriction system by titan/hero team power instead of just level? 130 is where it begins, it would be nice to restrict joining to, say, war team over 500k
  • A: We have some new ideas for guild mechanics, but we are unlikely to get to them this year. Maybe we will be able to add some QoL-changes alongside those.

Guild Communication Language

  • Q: Is it possible to replace the current Guild communication language option via buttons, by a list. That way dozens of language tags could be used instead of the two handfuls now.
  • A: Same answer as the previous one
  • Q: There is a question in what perspective can we expect a chance to get Tenebris or Solaris again. They are still not available in the Summoning Orbs, and many players simply could not catch the events with them. When will they be available again?
  • A: They are available already

Campaign Hard Mode

  • Q: when new chapters 16-20 Campaign and outland 170-200level bosses?
  • A: No plans for this yet. Regarding the campaign – we also hear questions about Campaign “Hard Mode” (tougher versions of current Campaign missions with better rewards) – that’s something we might introduce, but not this year.

New Game Modes and Guild Raid Bosses

  • Q: When will we get a new game mode and new Osh Boss already?
  • A: No plans for a new boss and Asgard updates this year. We might come back to the idea of the new Guild Raid boss next year, but that’s not finalized yet.

Relaxation of Server Migration Conditions

  • Q: Why not give more free server transfers (that recharge over time, like every 3 months?) to vip12+
  • A: We think about it, we want to provide some sort of solution here

Decline in Server Population

  • Q: My question is due declining numbers of players in each server after some times and also the fact that it is inconvenient to join older server, what are the producer act of measure will be?
  • A: The situation doesn’t look to bad right now, but we want to address server population issues one way or the other in the future

Unattackable Mark in GW and CoW

  • Q: Hi. Would you make a mark for “Don’t attack here” in Guild War and CoW? It is for getting capture points effectively and prevent many members attack too difficult place and wasting their attacks.
  • A: We have answered this question in other GW/CoW related questions. We want to make some UX changes to the guild so it’s easier to manage attacks, but we are not ready to commit to any specific time-frames right now.

Email Address Change Function

  • Q: 1) can we get a mechanism that will allow us to change our email addresses for our account? Email providers die and/or sometimes we want to move from old providers to newer providers. 2) can we get a mechanism that allows multiple characters on one account/email to move to the same server, or maybe allow us to split those characters from being on a single account/email into multiple accounts/emails so they can be on the same server? Obviously, splitting the characters to individual accounts would mean we would lose the benefit of one purchase of Valkyrie’s favor applying to multiple characters if we split them, but for some of us, that would be a small price to pay to be able to have our characters in the same guild
  • A: No plans for this yet

Addition of Major Game Modes

  • Q: Are there any plans to add new game modes this year or early next year, like Clash of Worlds, which was added last year, or Asgard, which was added the year before? Personally, I’d rather see improvements to existing game modes than the addition of new ones.
  • A: There will be new things in the game, but no plans to add big modes like COW this year. We have to improve what’s already in the game – work on our current event schedule, for example.

Status Reset Option

  • Q: I see alot of players want to reset stats like glyph or skin. People even offer negative stuffs like giving up some portion of the original value. This is so wrong on all level since many players purchased them with money, so the game can not reduce any thing after reset as it might violate those who spent money. Why can’t the game just use the same mechanism of switch skin for appearance ? Example. If you have a maxed skin, you can turn it off by just press on the skin twice, or have a button on top of the skin to turn on and off the function. Same for glyph, once a player max one of the glyph, they can just tap or press on the glyph to turn off it’s function. A maxed player with full tier red+2 can turn on and off any of the six items by just tap or press on the item.
  • A: We had a few design sessions regarding the reset mechanics, but at the moment we’re not sure we will work on them, we need more internal experiments. So definitely not this year, and after that – we can’t promise just yet, but maybe.

Discount Display in Special Offers

  • Q: I am sure this has been communicated to the Dev team many, many times in the past, but I would like to ask again. Will the 99% Discount on the Divine Fortune special offer be corrected? This was abruptly changed from 80% to 99% last year. This dishonest and exaggerated display should be against the law in some countries. It is damaging the credibility of Nexters. We sincerely hope that this will be corrected.
  • A: We will look into that and address it as soon as we reach it in our backlog. We strive to be as honorable and fair to our players as possible.

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