[Hero Wars Guide]Summary of Questions to the Director (updata 8.17)

[Hero Wars Guide]Summary of Questions to the Director

Summary: Ask the Dev

  • Due to the volume of inquiries, we’ve compiled a summary of the current queries.
  • This compilation covers submissions until Sunday, August 23, 2023.
  • We trust this compilation will assist individuals preparing to pose questions!

From: Discord | #ask-the-dev | Hero Wars: Dominion Era

Top 3 User-Attention Questions

  • BLP inclusion in the free sphere.
  • Raid button for guild raid minion battles?
  • Concern about unaddressed Starboard requests, advocating for bug fixes as a priority.


Important Topics

  • Is there a business plan for a game sequel, and if so, will data migration be considered?
  • Are there plans for a web version login app?
  • Any plans for a new PvE game mode?
  • New guild raid bosses in the pipeline?
  • Anticipate any major updates like CoW or Asgard in the near future?

Entire Development Team

  • Numerous unresolved requests on the Starboard prompt concern regarding developer attention to user needs. Priority should be fixing bugs affecting players.
  • To-do list seems extensive, but progress speed is questioned.
  • Bug-fixing pace is worrisome.

Disclosure of Information

  • Request for totem drop rate disclosure.
  • More info beyond the drop rate page is requested.
  • If there’s an upcoming event, I would appreciate being informed at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Dante appears overpowered. Balancing required to make other DPS competitive.
  • Expectation for a sixth skin for each hero.
  • Concern about the scarcity of heroes with Ascension skill releases.
  • Desire to categorize Keira as undead.
  • Why doesn’t K’arkh attack Dante while Dante is in mid-air?
  • I’m hoping for a rework for Astrid.

Quality of Life and Performance

  • Addition of a raid button for guild raid minion battles?
  • Request to comment on videos in guild battles (UI improvement needed).
  • Desire for one-click Daily tasks completion.
  • Advocacy for improved accessibility, considering color blindness.
  • Need for performance enhancement in screen rendering load.
  • Instead of opening all items in loot boxes, I would like to be able to specify the quantity to open.
  • Please make clicking to use glyphs easier? It’s a hassle to use 1,000 of them.

Bug Fixes

  • Energy concept in combat system under review?
  • Bug when losing energy due to pressing escape while leveling up—resolution?
  • Addressing Maya’s first skill bug (half HP recovery) timing?

Cheating Countermeasures

  • Proposal for action against users exploiting multiple accounts for Winter Festival rewards.


  • Fix for Emerald x4 sale visibility issue.
  • Suggestion for alternative payment methods besides Xsolla due to payment errors.
  • I’d like to see VIP rewards extended beyond VIP 15.
  • Could you consider offering long-term purchase options for Valkyrie subscriptions?
  • Including Outland in sale event discounts would be great.

Guild Wars, CoW, and Guild Management

  • Function to substitute members for champion in guild wars absence.
  • Ranking system improvement for CoW’s top guilds.
  • All players should access CoW participation.
  • Enhanced management functions for guild wars and CoW.
  • Guildmate management tools need improvement.
  • Request for gifting feature among guildmates.
  • Reinforced invite/participation restrictions for guilds.
  • Language options for guilds instead of a single choice.

Server Migration and Server Merging

  • Option to separate same-account play on multiple servers.
  • Free second and subsequent server transfers for unified active players.
  • Migration of server 1 players to server 100.
  • Plans to merge servers with low active user counts?
  • Future plans for Facebook version population growth?

Combat System

  • Reset option for over-inflated heroes Health.
  • Option to reset skins and glyphs; enable/disable functionality.
  • Excluding skins/glyphs from energy calculation during battle.
  • Replay link accessibility without logged-in status.
  • It would be fantastic if the replay feature could include trick plays, like reverse playback and starting from any specific timing.
  • The evasion buff from the first artifact seems overly powerful and perhaps should have limitations.


  • Access for users missing past season rewards?
  • Availability of beach skins in skinstones?
  • Relief for incomplete quests and insufficient gold tickets?
  • Plans for aiding players who missed purchasing a season?


  • Addition of BLP to free sphere.
  • Effective utilization of excess Titan resources.
  • Obtainable Tenebris and Solaris soulstones.
  • New Titan artifact availability for Elemental Tournament Coins?
  • Re-release of Totem bundle from last year.
  • Expanding routes to acquire Titan skin stones.


  • Option to change account email address due to provider migration.
  • More accessible means to obtain selectable Asgardian resources.
  • Implement exchange system for Asgardian resources.
  • Reevaluate Siege Crossbow status.
  • Campaign’s challenging end.
  • Address low item drop rate in the campaign.
  • Automatic/Manual mode preference retention.
  • Trade items between players proposal.
  • Adventure buffs and guild raids in combat training.
  • When utilizing the prophet in a dungeon, it would be convenient if it could guarantee automatic victory.
  • Kindly consider limiting the number of gifts we request from Santa Claus to just one.
  • As new servers are frequently introduced, could you arrange celebratory events to mark their launch?

Interim response from officials

Hey everyone! Once again, I want to thank everyone who participated in our recent question gathering for the Q&A session. If you’ve missed it – you can find all the questions sent to us in the ⁠ask-the-dev channel 😉

We went through your questions with our producer and decided to postpone the Q&A to take a harder look at questions, better process them and weigh in on how we can address some of the issues that are bothering you the most.

Just to make sure we are clear here: we are doing that not to dodge your questions, but to give you better, more straightforward and useful answers. It would be easier for us to tell you that we hear you, that we’ve added all your suggestions to our backlog and that we will surely address them at some point in the future — but you get enough of these type of answers already, and we need time to have some discussions in order to provide you with answers that are a bit more specific than that.

We will come back with the answers somewhere in September. I understand that might feel like eternity for some of you, but we believe it will be for the better and it’s necessary to give you a more insightful update. So thank you for your patience!

But we don’t want to leave you hanging completely without answers, so today we have answers for two very burning questions of yours that were also brought up in the ⁠ask-the-dev channel 😉

Fragments of the artifacts of darkness and light

  • Q: When will the fragments of the artifacts of darkness and light be on sale to the merchant?
  • A: The Dark and Light Titans Artifacts will be added to the Merchant this week, most likely on August 17.

Tenebris and Solaris Soul Stones

  • Q: When will be Tenebris and Solaris Soul Stones available again?
  • A: We will also add Tenebris and Solaris Soul Stones to the Circle of Summoning this week. Once again, most likely they will be added into the game tomorrow.

Once again, thank you for your patience and see you in Dominion!


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