[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week50

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2022.Week50


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“Letter to Winter Claus” – 50,000 Baubles

  • Q. One of the gift options for “Letter to Winter Claus” is 50,000 Baubles. Claus delivers the gift on January 1st, but since Nexters decided this year to start Winterfest 1 week early… the entire event will end on December 29th. If a player requests and receives baubles, how are they supposed to use them 3 days after the event is already over? Did Nexters think about this? If you did, what are you changing? Are you changing the gift, delivering gifts earlier than January 1, or something else?
  • A. Hey guys! I guess you can check the event for yourself and see it already! The Present from Claus was always given out on the second week of the event, and it will be like that this year,  you will still have time to spend them

“Letter to Winter Claus” – Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere

  • maybe this was asked before, but please let me ask again: if someone with all 18 elemental totems asks and gets an other fragment from Santa, will he or she be able to gift it to an other guildmate or exchange for 200k emeralds? I hope, it wont be that ridiculus 1000 spheres here too, like the most recent Nature season….. So can you please confirm or deny this? Thank you
  • Yes, you can choose the Sphere even if you have all 18 Elemental (or all 30, including Light and Dark) Totem Fragments already. In that case, you will be able to exchange it for 200k Emeralds or gift it to another player if you will get it from Claus.

Skin Gift’s Skin Stone

  • Q. Not complaiing but it seems wierd that if you have all the winter skins you only get 500 of the three colors. When a skin is 5000, should not it be 1500 of each atleast?
  • A. Yep, this Present was always meant to be the Skin Present, not the Skinstone Present. It is like that by design, as far as I know, but I definitely agree that it’s a shame that this Present is almost useless if you have all the Winter Skins already. If I am not mistaken, the developers have the intent to upgrade/rework them, but I don’t know if they get to do that

Buff ascencion gift

  • Q. buff ascencion gift, for 10k winterfest coins the rewards are pretty bad in comparation with others and even more if it’s random, make the gifts be 10 and 5 spheres, and the random given one’s to be 75, 100, 150, 200 and 300 instead or at least make them able to be chosen so it’s fairer
  • A. It was buffed compared to a previous year, but it might need even more tweaking. We will know that later after the team will see how popular different Presents were – then we will know what players thought of their value!

Titan Upgrade Gift Box

  • Q. 2000 titan skins stone, 4 titan artifact spheres, 5 summoning spheres and 6000 titan potions, all this useless stuff costs 4000 emeralds. i understand that maybe there was a need to nerf the titan artifact gift, but Nexters overdone it. I haven´t spent a single emerald on this event apart from buying some energy and i intent to keep it that way till the end. I also encourage the player base to do the same, this event has a crap ROI, other players have been vocal about it too.
  • A. Hey, thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to relay that to the developers. But there is also a matter of luck: for the same price next you can get 10 Certificates, 15 Titan Artifact Spheres, etc. So the price is averaged, and if you only get a couple of Presents sometimes you get the short end of the stick, that’s also a factor here

Exchanging excess energy for emeralds

  • Can you please make a system to trade energy, even form people form another server, like trading energy for emralds it would be nice and will u add if this gets 10 stars lol
  • We want add it for 10 Stars, especially if the ide also get 8.  I don’t think we will trade almost anything for Emeralds, it’s the other way around – the Emeralds is the universal currency that can be traded to almost anything. We don’t want to encourage anyone to create million of accounts with a single purpose of stockpiling Energy on them

Titan Soul Coin Bug in the Summoning Circle

  • Q. I got the same bug again. Level 55 account, no supertitans, not even close to 6 star anything. It makes it hard to play low level teams when you can’t summon supertitans. Please star this, people. Low teams shouldn’t have this happen, THIS IS A BUG
  • A. That was the issue RumledElf reported, so the same answer here – the bug fix is already being tested, thank you guys for drawing our attention to that

Uggestions for improving Clash of Worlds

  • Q. uggestions for improving Clash of Worlds and Guild War: –
    1) Give us at least 2 weeks off from CoW over Christmas period. We need a break!
    2) Make CoW a maximum of twice per week. Ditch the Friday CoW entirely and give us back our weekends please! It is too much for generals and players doing this every day of the week.
    3) Allow generals to see ALL unused heroes, titans and totems a player has when assigning attacks, not just those that are part of the players defense teams.
    4) Give the ability for generals to put free text notes on buildings and individual slots like “Priority 1” or “Leave this until last”, etc
    5) Make it so that ALL players can see who is assigned to a target, not just generals. Only generals should be able to change the assignment but everyone should be able to view it.
    6) When a player attacks a target and fails and has no more attacks of that type (hero/titan) left, unset the target automatically. When a player uses up all attacks unset any remaining targets.
    7) Allow generals to assign a group of attackers to a target, so that whoever comes online first can do the attack.
    8) Provide proper reports on missed attacks. For each CoW result in Log you should be able to click a button that gives a summary of missed attacks by players well as a season total of missed attacks for the player. For GW, update the current GW attacks report to show ALL guild members (not just those with signet) and distinguish between 0 attacks done (meaning they missed their attacks) and N/A (because they were not in that Guild War that day).
    9) Allow queued attacks. This means you attack a blocked target prior to the target opening up, but it will not take effect until the target is open for attack. This would show as a pending result until the target is open.
    10) Allow players to assign delegation rights to other guild members so that other guild members can attack on their behalf in GW, CoW and Asgard, without logging in as them.
  • A. Hi! Thanks for the feedback! We will share a bit more info later this week, but right now I can tell you that there will be a break before the second season, and it will be at least 2 weeks. More info later this week/at the beginning of the next week

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Winter Tale


What is the Winterfest Mutual Exchange?

Kayla’s Ascension

Aidan’s Ascension

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week50

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 14

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 22


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