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CoW QoL-updates

  • Q. CoW. is a bit to much for 3 battles a week. i think 2 battles a week is ideal still. i will say there is no more great clash guilds with just one general or two. it takes 8-9 people. we have it down a lot better. and we pass off generalship and communicate well. we have 3 nights where our late night players take down the bridge and start work on gates. early first day take the hero bridge and then clear to ciitadel. after that we do settings throughout the day with 1-2 generals focusing on titans. and 3-5 helping testing and giving go ahead for attacks. the work cant be done with 2 people. also need your players to take initiative and help out generals. also we have 1-2 people theorycrafting on the side. i think anyone workiing how teams can zoom up to first. need to realize by 2months in. if a team consistently wins. they will catchup.
  • A. I will share a few details and plans for the CoW so you know what to expect. Our team is working on several QoL-updates for CoW right now. They will be released in few patches/waves, most of them currently scheduled for this year, but some them are more likely to be release next year. These planned QoL-updates cover many of your suggestions – improvement to the log, improvements to the attack assigning tab, ability to download the war results as a file, ability to make a certain point unavailable for attacks without an order from General, notifications that will let you know that you have a target assigned to you and more.
    We will talk about them in more details later, when we will be getting closer to the release of each “wave” of the QoL-updates. There are quite a few additions planned, and even though it’s hard to tell if we will be able to implement all of them (some are just in the concept stage right now), we hope to make the planning for Clash of Worlds much easier with these changes and additions. That’s why we do not plan to reduce the amount of battles a week just yet – we will release QoL-features, gather your feedback and then we will decide where to move from there. 

Negative starmoney

  • Q. again this bug with removing champions from gw because of negative starmoney????
  • A. Hi! I am guessing you are Facebook player, it seems like Facebook decided to make some refunds for you once again. We are looking into that.
    Yep, we’ve prepared a list of all affected, all of them will get their Emeralds back. I am trying to get some details regarding the time frame right now

Drop rates

  • Q. do you think we could get some indication of drop rates for special stuff we buy? Maybe state it in the bundle display, or in the event news message?
  • A. I will ask about that and suggest that, but not sure about that. What we can do is to warn you about the upcoming drop rate changes in cases like the one with the Titan Dolls. We should have communicated that earlier, and we will do our best to do that moving forward

The Spooky Festival Shop

  • can you pls remove the spooky shop from the go and buy when you look on a items
    it was never like this befor even if you had coins you was only able to open in your bag with the coins befor
  • It definitely should be available for those who have spare Festival Coins, but it’s confusing that it is also shown if you don’t have any. I will report that and see if we can show that only to players with coins
    Well, to be honest, I don’t see issue with it being showed if you have Coins – that’s a nice reminder, it’s very easy to forget about the Shop, and it might come in handy. But it doesn’t make any sense when you are out of Coins – it’s not like you can get some anytime soon

The loading times

  • Q. since the dev team is working on improvements… let them know,that the loading times are a pain in the @$$. Really, dungeon costs so much time, rework is still needed. But every developer should do 300 titanite daily before he goes home. Then they will feel the pain. Asgard has also long waiting times, since the beginning. No improvement there since over a year. More and more players are annoyed because of that. Please do something.
  • A. I know for 100% that at least our game designers play Hero Wars daily (don’t know about server developers, but I think they do too). And yeah, they feel this pain just like you do, it’s just a comprehensive issue to tackle. Thank you for the feedback, I hope they will be able to work on it next year and optimize the loading times

Asgard to Ascension Event Days and Changes

  • Q. this time it will be 3 days or 7 days event?
  • A. 3-day event. Almost identical to the previous one, but we’ve made a few little adjustments to address some of the feedback you’ve shared: starting on Monday, so you don’t waste your free Astral Seer spins too early. Replaced the Star Mana in quest rewards, it really shouldn’t have been here. Changed bundles a bit. Staff like that.

Asgard to Ascension About the Quest

  • Q. Do the changes include not having to level Ascension glyphs 30 times?  Especially since over time, less and less players will have available heroes to still level that many times (i.e. Tier 1 costs are low compared to doing the same when lots of heroes are Tier 3+)
  • A. I haven’t compared specific quest lines, but I don’t think the quests themselves were changed. Yes, with time this quest will be getting difficult, that’s a good point, I will take note of that. Don’t think we will change it soon, but we better do that at some point

Main Updates

Wish Crystal

Wish Insignia

Boxy’s Gift

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week44

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 10

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 23


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