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What is a Wish Crystal?

  • Ascension to Asgard Event Reward.
  • Implemented as a reward item in the third event minor update.

Item Description

Transforms into 4 Common / 2 Vibrant / 1 Radiant Crystal of your choice.


Raising Iris as an example, the materials required for the complete are as follows.

Amount of materials required for Iris to be max power

  • Crystals: 4,225
  • Bright crystal: 4,000
  • Vibrant crystals: 3,385
  • Insignia: 2,395
  • Greater insignia: 2,160

The expected value of the Astral Seer for the above is as follows (based on 2,000 openings).

Expected value of 100 Astral Seer

  • Crystal: 1,610
  • Bright crystals: 856
  • Vibrant crystals: 402
  • Insignia: 819
  • Greater insignia: 409

Which one should I choose?

  • Due to the discrepancy between the amount of materials required and the amount of materials discharged, only the highest level materials should be exchanged if you are aiming for the highest level.
  • Especially for heroes like Dante, Ishmael, and Aurora, whose victory rate changes greatly when they reach the highest level, it makes sense to aim for the highest level even if it takes a lot of effort.
  • However, if you have been playing for a year or so without paying, you will never reach that point.

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